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15mm Curved tempered glass

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Product Details

Bending is through the computer control mold shaped steel glass, glass heating forming after rapid cooling uniformity of glass products, it would have all the characteristics of the hot bending glass and toughened glass. Beijing haiyang shunda company existing curved toughened glass production line 2, daily processing capacity of 3000 , with hard shaft bending technology, the processing of curved toughened glass with high precision, smooth surface. Purpose: glass curtain wall, daylighting partition glass ceiling, indoor arc. The thickness of the glass

processing: 5 mm to 19 mm

maximum size: 2500 mm * 3000 mm (arc length)

minimum processing size: 400 mm * 300 mm (arc length)

minimum bending radius: 1000 mm.


Beijing  haiyang shunda glass co., LTD., chairman and President


 Introduction for the production and supply process of bending tempered glass


A. The selection of float glass pane in storage


Access to the next process after the quality inspection of float glass


  B. The measurements of glass to be cut as customized


Access to the next stage after glass cutting quality inspection



 C.  Perfect glass edge grinding





D. Glass washing6,cleaning

Access to the next stage after cleaning the glass


E.  Glass heatedapproaching to softened point in thetoughening furnace


F. Glass curved shape


G.  Complete rapid toughened glass


Access to the next stage after the quality inspection of tempered glass


H.  Packaging




I. The container loading after the package checking




J.Leading Time:10 days for an average area of 1000 square meters

   tempered glass

K. Trade terms: FOB and CIF. 

L. Payment Terms: By TT, 30% deposit to start producing, full amount

    balance paid before delivery. 


Beijing Haiyang Shunda Glass Co., Ltd.



Business licenseOrganization Code Certificatetax registration certificate

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