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10mm Shower Door glass

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Product Details

6-12mm Bathroom tempered glass(Self-cleaning coated optional)


· Thickness: 6-12mm 
· Maxi size: 2000mm *1600mm
· Min size: 300mm * 300mm
· Color: Clear,Ultra-clear,F-green,Euro grey,light bronze,etc.

Polished edges treatment,hole/cutout according to customized demand.

Features of self-cleaning glass

1. High intensity: mechanical strength of heat-strengthened glass is 1.5-2 times higher than annealed glass

2. Thermal stability: heat-strengthened glass can resistant the high temperature range from 130°C to 170°C, which can fully withstand the impact of temperature difference on middle glass and side glass from intense solar, keeping unbroken.

3. Prevention from self destruction: compared with tempered glass, self destruction would not happen to heat-strengthened glass, which is its biggest advantage.

4. Stress residue: when heat-strengthened glass is destructed, its special stress structure enables fragments maintain in the frame, unlike tempered glass that will become particle falling down. This advantage of heat-strengthened glass saves much time when doing replacement of glass. And after destructed, every fragment remains a certain residual stress. Therefore, it still has anti-ability to some extent.

5. High degree on plainness: compared with tempered glass, because of small cooling stress and slow cooling rate during production degree of plainness of heat-strengthened glass is close to annealed glass but far surpasses tempered glass

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