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Single silver/double silver Low-E Insulated Glass

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Product Details

IGU glass/insulated glass


Insulating glass is made of two or more than two pieces of glass between which a space with certain width

is partitioned by aluminum frame filled with highly efficient molecular absorbent.

The edge of insulating glass is sealed by high strength sealing sealants.To ensure the performance of IGU,

double sealing must be used.Butyl should be used for the first sealing ,polysulfid rubber or silicon structural

Sealants should be chosen according to glazing manner.



The thickness of the single glazing:5-15mm

Airspace:6A 9A 12A 15A 19A


Single/Double silver Low-E coated optional.

Colour of glass: various colours

Clear, bronze, ocean blue, dark blue, lake blue, ford blue, light green, dark green, light grey, dark grey, yellow, golden, etc

nsulated Glass types

tempered insulated glass,low-e insulated glass,hollow glass,insulating glass, double glazing glass,reflective insulated glass,

silk printed insulated glass, low iron insulated glass, low-e insulating glass, sealed insulating glass,window glass, insulated glass for curtain wall


1)Max size:3300X9000mm Min size:300X300mm
2)Thickness range 12mm-60mm.(Double Glazing or Triple Glazing)
3)The nor thickness of air layer:6mm,9mm,12mm,15mm,19mm(1/4", 11/32", 1/2", 0.59", 19/32", 5/8")
4)Gas Filling: Dry air/Argon
5)Sealant: butyl rubber sealant with polysulfide sealant or structural silicone based sealant
6)Products can be randomly combined by transparent glass , tinted glass, tempered glass ,

Bent tempered glass, coated glass , low-e glass, sandwich glass, Heat Strengthened glass etc.


1,Thermal performance 
2,Energy-saving building materials
3,Sound insulation
4,No dewing in low temperatures 
5,Create aesthetic sense to buildings

Quality Standard

CE, CCC, EN12140 and BSI

Bliss International Technology Ltd



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