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wall light led glass

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Product Details

01-Product Name:

LED tempered glass, LED flashing Glass, Power Glass, Light Glass, led glass partition , Glass With LED lights.

02-Product Preview:

LED glass is one kind of high technology products, in which LED light sources are embedded and forms all kinds of patterns or designs. Curved LED glass can be used as the showcase glass, partition glass, shower room glass, etc.

03-Product Features:

1. Novelty, versatility, variety
2. Invisible wires, aesthetic and practical
3. Safe, insulative, environmental, energy-saving, UV protection, infrared protection.

Interlayer: use world's top quality imported EVA middle film to ensure the safety and service life of the glass.

Light: light changes, such as twinkle and shading, can be controlled by the LED chip.

Light colors: red, blue, yellow, white, green, or mixed colors

Input voltage: 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V
Output voltage: regular voltage is 36V. From 12V to 48V are all possible. The output voltage depends on the glass panel size and how many lights per square mete04-Common Standards:

Thickness: 1) 3mm + LED lights + 3mm

2) 4mm + LED lights + 4mm

3) 5mm + LED lights + 5mm

4) 6mm + LED lights + 6mm

5) 8mm + LED lights + 8mm

6) 10mm + LED lights + 10 mm

7) requests as per customer’s needs

Max glass panel Size: 1300*2600mm

05-Processing Types:

1.Privacy LED glass / Insulated LED glass / Video LED glass,
2.Fire-rated glass / Bulletproof LED glass / Laminated LED glass / Solar LED glass
3.Reflective LED glass, LED mirror decoration glass
4.Pattern LED glass
5.Anti-slip LED glass floor / Stairs / Stages

Glass layer can be: float glass, tempered glass, tinted glass, etc.
Process types: laminated glass, hollow glass, or customized
Control method: remote control, manual control

06-Technical Parameters:

Led color

white, warm white, blue, red, green, yellow, purple, ect.

Visual Angel


UV Resist Rate:


Life time


working environment

-20°C ~ 75°C

Max load of led light

250-400 pcs light / square meter

Output Voltage

12-48V(as your design of led)

Input Voltage

110V, 220V, 230V, 240V

Power wattage

15 W (overload, current, voltage protect)

07-Details Pictures:

Please kindly contact with our sales person for more details.


1. Must need: transformers (input voltage: 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V; output voltage: 24V normally, from 12V to 48V depending on the glass panel size and lights designs.

2. Choice: adjustable brightness machine, which can change the glass lights gradually.

09-Product Applications:

1.Furniture designs, Lamp lighting designs.

2.Interior decorations, fashionable household decorations.

3.Outdoor curtain wall, Showcase, Shop designs.

4.Billboard designs, Emergency Instructions logo designs, house numbers,curved stairs

5.Bathroom/Hotel room partitions, Restaurant partitions

6.Skylight/Ceiling/Railing/LED glass clock.

7.3C products glass panel


Please kindly contact with our sales person for more details.


We will give one year guarantee for the LED glass. The accessories are three months guarantee.

12-Test Standards:

1. EN 14449: glass in building – laminated glass and laminated safety glass
2. EN 12600: glass in building – pendulum test
3. EN 12150: thermally toughened sode lime silicate safety glass
4. ASTM C1172: laminated architectural flat glass
5. ASTM C1048: heat treated flat glass
6. ANSI Z97 1: safety glazing materials used in buildings
7. GB/T 11944: sealed insulation glass
8. GB 11614: flat glass
9. GB 15763: safety glazing materials used in buildings
10. ISO 12543-1~6: glass in building – laminated glass and laminated safety glass
AS/NZS 2208: safety glazing materials in building

13-Important Attentions:

(Important) using no- acid etched glass gums. There are called no-acid etched glass gums by manufactures. Please affirm to use in LED glass.

(For more information, please contact us for “LED GLASS INSTALLATION”)

14-MOQ (Minimum of Quantity):

1 piece, 1 sheet

To benefit from our strong OEM/ODM capabilities and considerate services, contact us today. We will sincerely create and share success with all clients.

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