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water-based glass frosting powder

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Product Details

Water-based glass frosting powder is fit for the etching processing production of building glass, daily-used glass products, glass containers and other glass products.

strong>UsageAdd 5 kg water into 25kg glass frosting powder( including material A 17kg, material B 8kg), stir up the frosting solution and let it mature for 24 hrs, then churn up the solution and put into the production.

The production procedure clean glass products into the frosting solution for 1-3mins take out and clean with water dry it in the air.

Attention line

1.  Kepp material A &B seperated before used in the production; When use it, please mix A and B first according to the instruction, then add the water.

2.  The ventilating facilities should be fixed in the workplace to speed up the discharge of the noxious gas produced in the production.

3. The frosting solution must be made up in plastic or preservative metal containers.

4. Wear rubber gloves to prevent burning skin, but if it happens, wash the wound immediately with clean water.

5. Be sure the surface of the glasswork is clean without oil, wax and gluey impurities.

6. The solution must be fully stirred when it is put into the production, cover when store up.

7. In the production, when the solution has etched certain a number of glass products, add some new glass frosting solution into it to make sure the etching effects.

8. When discharge the waste solution, put some quicklime to neutralize the pollution.

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