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Borosilicate glass is produced by the technology of float glass making. Mostly for oven and lighting glass usage. Main ingredients of borosilicate glass are sodium oxideNa2O, boron oxide (B2O3), silicon dioxideSiO2. In those ingredients, boron and silicon have high content. The feature of borosilicate glass is that borosilicate has small thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal stability, chemical durability and electrical property. Great heat resistance performance, stable chemical property, high light transmission, various thicknesses. Applications: 1, Home application; E. G. Internal panels in ovens and panels in microwave oven, induction heater, fireplace, space heating appliances etc. It is all using Borosilicate glass. 2, Environmental project and Chemical project; Borosilicate glass is for the safety glass. E. G. Under layer of repellency. 3, lighting industry. Used in lighting field. (E. G. Cover panels for high power floodlights and projectors) 4, solar electrical energy generation; E. G. Top of solar battery. Borosilicate glass is used in a high temperature environment, where is safety demanding, long term usage. 5, Accuracy apparatus; E. G. Optically flat filters. 6, Semiconductor technology; E. G. Wafer; 7, Medical Technology biological engineering; 8, Protection (E. G. Bullet-resisting glass cover of high grade watch); 9, Advance building flameproof glass Specifications: 1.Dimensions (mm):1150*850, 1150*1700, 1200*600(other size could be produced upon the request) 2. Available thickness:1mm-12mm List of thickness and tolerance Thickness mm Tolerance mm Thickness mm Tolerance mm 1.50 ±0.20 4.00 ±0.15 2.00 ±0.20 5.00 ±0.15 2.25 ±0.20 5.50 ±0.15 2.75 ±0.20 6.00 ±0.15 3.0 ±0.20 6.50 ±0.20 3.30 ±0.20 7.50 ±0.30 3.80 ±0.15 8.00 ±0.30 3. Net sized glass of strengthening can be supplied as per the customers’ requirement. 4. Glass of small cut size is available according the requirement form customers. Competitive Advantage: The feature of borosilicate glass is that borosilicate glass has small thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal stability, chemical durability and electrical property. Therefore, borosilicate float glass chemical resistant, heat resistant and mechanical property are excellent. Moreover, borosilicate glass could use in high temperature and has strong hardness. So, borosilicate glass is called heat resistant glass as well. Borosilicate glass is a special flameproof (fire proof) glass, like using in oven. Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Northglass Certification: CE, ASTM, CSI, etc Minimum Order Quantity: 500m2 Packaging Details: Strong plywood crates with steel banding for export Delivery Time: 15days after received advance payment Payment Terms: 30% T/T advance and balance paid before shipment Supply Ability: 5000sqm/week

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