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Product Details

Smart PDLC Film, Intelligent Glass Film, Magic Glass Film, PDLC Film, BRG Smart Glass

Basic Introduction:

PDLC film is a huge flat capacitor which realized transparent or opaque effect by applying or removing electric field to drive the liquid crystal molecules aligned or disordered array.

Main Features:

Smart film transparency decreases as voltage degreases, it becomes opaque when power is off;

Smart film becomes more transparent as voltage is increased, it becomes completely transparent when it reaches the rated voltage.

Advantages of BRG Smart Film:

--High electric voltage resistance;

--High weather resistance & no shrinkage;


--High clearance;

About the Installation:

--Clear the surface of glass;

--Stick the self-adhesive film with stripping off the protective film by degrees;

--Get rid of air bubble under the self-adhesive film by a roller;

--Get rid of remaining air bubble again after stocking the film;

--Connect wire from electric parts by a soldering iron;

--Strip off the protective film by an adhesive tape;

--Put silicone in electric parts;

--On/Off test;

--Cover the buzz bar with a plastic or aluminum frame;

--On/Off test.

China Glass Network

China Glass Network

How to Handle the Film:

--Don’t fold or make curve of the film;

--We recommend you to use latex gloves when you touch the film;

--When you move the film, please hold parts 5-10cm inside from the edge and keep it parallel.

Application of BRG Smart Film:

--Bathroom: brings better view;

--Luxurious recreation places: control your privacy at any time;

--Sunroom: perfectly protected;

--Indoor swimming pool: bring good privacy protection;

--High building: a wide view brings stunning effect;

--Projection system: we can not only see through it, the projection on it can also show a 3D effect;

--Bank counter & smart curtain wall etc.

Related Parameters of Smart PDLC Film:

 China Glass Network

More detailed Pictures:

China Glass Network

China Glass Network

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ISO9001AS/NZS 2208:1996AS/NZS 2208:1996

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