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Glass Louvre-Annealed, Tempered,Laminated

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    Art Glass & Glass Crafts/Louvre Glass

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    Plywood Crate, Carton Package

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    Clear, White, Low Iron, Black, Grey, Bronze

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    Neo Glass

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    Rectangle, Round,Fan,Oval, Irregular

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    AS/NZS: 2208: 1996, CE, ISO 9002

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    Glass, PVB and SGP

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Glass Louvre-Annealed, Tempered,Laminated

We can cut glass to shape and process the edges,drill holes,and make cutouts. Louvre Glass on window and Glass Shelf on shower room are our products. Their polish finish and size tolerance is controlled strictly by our people. Edgework on mirror glass and laminated glass are available.

Those Louvre Glass can be made of Annealed Glass, Tempered Glass, and Laminated Glass.

Our Laminated Louver Glass is made under strict Quality Control System. They are available with different colors. We are experienced in Custom-made one.


I.   Longer Lifetime, Less de-Lamination Rate

II.  High Quality of Raw Glass and PVB & Ionoplast Interlayer (SGP)

III. Flat items with Good Flatness control within 0.2%, even within 0.1% for small cut to size items

IV.Size Tolerance controlled:

            Within 1mm for Cut To Size and Raw Glass size( same color glass); 

            Within 1mm for Cut To Size items 2000mm with Grinded Edges;

            Within 1.5mm for Cut To Size Items 3000mm with Grinded Edges;

V. Strict Control on Visible Defects and Chips

VI.Solutions of Breakage Problem in Transportation:

          1.  Unique Professional & Stonge package--Plywood End Cap ,Plywood crate, Plywood A Frame, Metal Package etc;

           2. Container Loaded technology

VII.Thickness:  4.35-32.28mm;

     Size: Cut to Size, Custom-made, Max 18000mm

Color Available

Due to the color of Float Glass or Glass Interlayer PVB & SGP , Laminated Glass is available with various of colors besides of Clear Laminated Glass, such as White Translucent/Opal White/Milky White, Grey, Euro Grey, Dark Grey, Bronze, Blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Fordblue, Green, Light Green etc. PVB is available in different colors, that solve the availability limit of Tint Float Glass and makes Laminated Glass more colorful. SGP has two colors for choice--White and Clear at 0.38mm, 0.89mm, 1.82mm and 1.52mm

Tint Laminated Glass.jpg


We not only do Custom-Made Color Laminated Glass, we also do Laminated safety glass at Custom-Made Size, Shape and Make-up. For example, Cut To size Laminated Glass, Laminated Glass with Edgework,Round/Irreguar Shape Laminated Glass, Tempered Laminated Glass, Heat Strengthened Laminated Glass, SGP Tempered Laminated anti-hurricane Glass are all avaiable.

We have a Laminated Glass Cutting Machine to cut our big Laminated Glass to be small size. That machine is more efficiency in the cutting than it does by hand-man. Then delivery time is faster.

 Cut to Size Laminated Glass.jpg

Production Process

Laminated Glass is processed mainly in three period. First of all, Pre-Laminating two sheets or more sheets of glass with PVB/SGP ; Then Cooking that Pre-Laminated Glass on Autoclave with Pressure about 13 PA and High Temperature around 135 centi degrate; the last step is Packing.If it is Tempered Laminated Glass, certainly the glass should be toughened firstly before pre-laminating. The Tempered Glass conbining to Laminated Glass can be processed with Polished Edges,Holes, Cut-Outs or in Irregular Shape.

Quality Control

There are many quality points on Laminated Glass, such as de-lamination, glass bow, bubble, impurity, chip, scratch,dislocation etc. De-lamination is a serious problem on Laminated Glass. We use High Quality Float Glass and PVB made by manufacturers in 1st top level and follow Strict Quality Control System to Low the de-lamination rate, make its lifetime longer,  control its bending and less any possibility of default. We do our best to ensure the products we deliver will not make trouble to both our customers and us.



Laminated Safety Glass can be used as Door & Window, Balcony, Balustrade, Partition,Step,Table, Cabinet, Wardrobe,Glass Railing, Stair Railing, Glass Fencing, Fence Glass, Skylight, Curtain Wall,wherever you would like to use.
Laminated Glass Application.jpgWith certificates of AS/NZS 2208: 1996 and CE, our Laminated Glass is popular in Canada, USA, Australia ,New Zealand, Europe and South of America


Further information about Qingdao Neo Glass, please feel free to contact with us now!


Contact:  Violet

Email:  qdneoglass@gmail.com


Tel/Whatsapp: 0086-135 7322 6959

Website:  www.qdneoglass.com

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