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tempered glass used for instrument

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Float glass has thermoplasticity and thermal expansion performance.Taking advantage of these performance, we have float glass heated under high temperature which is 80 centigrade over than glass melting temperature, then rapidly cooled, after the above processing, permanent stress formed inside the glass. This process is called thermal tempering (or glass quenching ). Glass after tempering is called tempered glass.


Safety: The fragment is very small while it is broken and the section of fragment is basically perpendicular to its surface without sharp angle. So it is harmless to person.

Resistance to impact: it can withstand 1040g steel ball falling from 1m high place impacted and keep integrated.

Bending strength: it can reach 200Mpa

Optical performance: there is no change during tempering process.

Stability for resistance to heat: It will not broken while pouring melted lead (327) onto the surface of tempered glass of room temperature or rapidly putting 200 tempered glass into 25 water.

Size: According to the demands.

Thickness (mm): 3 to19.

Color: clear, super clear, euro bronze, red bronze, euro grey, dark grey, dark blue, ford blueocean blue, F green, dark green, pink etc.

Package: Strong wooden cases.

Application: Tempered glass can be widely used for architecture, automobile, ship, aircraft, instrument, apparatus and furniture etc.

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