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Tecture toughened insulated glass double glazing glass

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Product Details

  • Thickness

    5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm etc.mm

  • Mohs rating


  • Technique

    Clear Glass, Coated Glass, laminated glass, tempered glass

  • Model Number


  • Shape

    curve, flat

  • Structure

    Hollow, Solid

  • Function

    Heat Absorbing Glass etc.

  • Type

    Sheet Glass

  • Use

    curtain walls, windows, doors, sunroom etc.

  • OEM


  • Size

    Max size 2440*7000mmmm*mm

What is toughened insulated glass?


Toughened insulated glass is known as double glazing sperated by a vacuum or the gas filled space to reduce heat transfer for the buildings. And solar control Low-E insulated glass is combined with Low-E glass substrate to achieve a better solar performance.


Tecture solar control insulated glass units are most effective whem combine with Low-E such as double silver low-E coating or three silver low-E coating, we also offer solar control coating glass.


What can you benefit from our toughened insulated glass?

  • Combine with double silver or three silver Low-E coating, offer superior winter heating and summber cooling

  • Increase the visible light transmittance, to create a suitable indoor light effect

  • Low solar transmittance, SC of glass<0.5, effectively reduce the solar heat 

  • Energy saving up to 70%, reduces outside noise


The normal structure of our insulated glass/low-e double glazing untis:



What are the sizes and thickness of our toughened insulated glass?


Maximum size: 2440*3660mm, the max length can be up to 7000mm.


Thickness: for single substrate:  from 5mm to 15mm 

For laminated ones: from 6+6mm to 15+15mm

Air spacer thickness: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm, 21mnm


The thickness depends on diffrerent applications, please contact us for your bespoke projects. 


Glass of choices: normal clear, low iron, high transprency Low-e, double silver Low-E, three silver low-E, solar control glass etc.


What are the optical performance of our toughened insulated glass?


As the configuration of our solar control insulated glass varies due to different applications, please contact us to discuss which type of insulated glazing units makeup will best suit your requirements.


What are the applications of toughened insulated glass


Tecture solar control insluated glass can help to minimizing the need for an air conditioning system, reducing the running cost of the buildings and saving energy, the vary applications include:



High-end green building curtain walls

Windows and doors


Sloped/overhead glazing


Application examples:




AS/NZS 2208:1996

CE certificate

IGCC certificate (Test standard: ASTM E2190-10)


Packing of toughened insulated glass:  


We use sealed plywood crates to pack the Low-e insulated glass, which is free from fumigation. and together wrapped by protective film. For LCL shipment, will use A frame and stainless steel bending to fasten the crate, max load of each crate is 850-900KG.


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