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Tecture tinted led laminated glass

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What is electronic LED laminated glass?


LED laminated glass is also known as power glass, is a kind of laminated glass, which using a special patened technology to incorporates LED lights, or electrical materials into glass panels to create distinctive patterns, images or logos. It serves as an excellent promotional tool in creating eye-catching displays.



What can you benefit from our LED laminated glass?


  • Provide a bright picture while conserving energy

  • Can be processed to flat or curved shapes, holes are available

  • Can block more than 40% of infrared and 99% UV light

  • Wires in the glass nearly invisible, brings great visual effects, and act as an attractive displays 



What are the sizes and thickness of our LED laminated glass?


Maximum size: 1900*3600mm


Thickness:  from 4+4mm to 15+15mm 


The thickness depends on diffrerent applications, please contact us for your bespoke projects. 


Choices of glass: normal clear, low iron, tinted glass, and for this glass, we recommed low iron glass to achieve a better crystal visual effect.



What are the applications of our LED laminated glass? 


Tecture LED laminated glass/power glass can be used in distinctive and individual ways, allowing the architect or designer to give full reign to their imagination. And the applications for this product include:


Counter displays

Shelf displayes

Bathroom/shower enclosures

Conference rooms

Furniture like tables, benches

Glass balustrades



Application examples:



How to install the LED laminated glass?


As the installation might vary from different applications, please contact us for the installation guide.



Packing of LED laminated glass:  



We use sealed plywood crates to pack the LED laminated glass, which is free from fumigation. For LCL shipment,


will use A frame and stainless steel bending to fasten the crate, max load of each crate is 850-900KG.


Guangzhou Tecture Glass Co., Ltd



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