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Innovative design, manufacturing and installatation Curtain Wall Facade

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Qingdao Kingwin Facade Engineering Co., Ltd is a professional leader in design, manufacture and install architectural envelopes, including aluminium glass curtain walls, windows and bolted glazing systems ., etc for domestic and international markets. Here at Kingwin Facade we have full commitment from concept through to completion delivering the project on time and budget. Kingwin Facade developed to provide a specialist service in the design, manufacture and installation of glazed structures comprising glass facades, rooflights, canopies, bridges, balustrades and bespoke projects. Our designs are produced using tried and proven details developed by our own in-house engineers. Attention to detail and pride in our work enable Kingwin Facade to offer a service which is second to none.

We will work with you to find the right system to meet your design's aesthetics and performance.





Factory Show

glass curtain wall factory.jpg






Design & Install

glass curtain wall design and install2.jpg

Products List:

• Aluminium glass curtain walls

• Bolted glazing systems

• Glass windows and doors

• Glass rooflights and canopies

• Glass Balustrades etc

• High Performance Glass Solutions for Day lighting and Energy Efficiency

• Metal Panel Integrations with complex curtain wall applications

Glass Curtain Wall System:

• Frame Supported Glass Curtain Wall

• Unitized Glass Curtain Wall

• Point Supported and Cable Tension Curtain Wall

• Full Glass Curtain Wall

• Double Skin Glass Curtain Wall

• Photovoltaic Curtain Wall

Frame Supported Glass Curtain Wall lists.

• Exposed Frame Curtain Wall

• Hidden Frame Curtain Wall

 Semi-hidden Frame Curtain Wall

• All Glass Curtain Wall

glass curtain wall design and install.jpg






Project Show

glass curtain wall design and install3.jpg





It was realized at a very early stage that the control of manufacture should be in-house in order to ensure that all components are produced within acceptable tolerances. Our experience and the decision to offer a unique service to architects and contractors has met with long-term success and our abilities and specialist expertise have helped to solve the problems associated with composite steelwork and glazing structures where fabrication to very fine tolerances is critical for the acceptance of the Glass Curtain Wall and the appearance of the finished projects. We have trained specialist site teams, supervised by project managers, who are skilled in the installation of all components included in the contract.






glass curtain wall project1.jpg






Why Choose Kingwin

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Main Products:

Tempered Glass,Laminated Glass,Insulated Glass,Clear Glass,Tinted Glass,Reflective Glass,Patterned Glass,Mirror Glass



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