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LV-TB Series Continuous Bent Glass Tempering Furnace for Automotives Sidelite

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LV-TB Series Single Curvature Bent Glass Tempering Machine is a special plant used to produce the bent tempered glass for automobile side lite , also for trucks, furniture, etc. Our customer produced the side doors for BMW, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Peugeot, etc.

1. The main parts,

Loading Table

Heating Section

Single Bent Tempering & Cooling Section

Unloading Table

Blower System

Electrical & control system


2. Basic Parameters

Single Bend Tempered Glass (Four working positions)

Max. Glass Size 

(Or Loading Area)

1250x900mm(bent side) 

                              4 working position 

Min. Glass Size

100x300mm(bent side)

Glass Thickness

3.2 to 5mm

Max. cross bending depth:


Min. Radius

be above than 1100mm


78 to 82 loads per hour 

                   (take 4mm float glass as a sample)

Blower Quantity & Power

185kw X 2 sets (Controlled by frequency inverters)

(or equal ones, as per our final desigh)

Finished product rate

more than 97% 

3.Main Features:
3.1. Heating section has a helix matrix structure, which can control the temperature of each area independently. Reasonable design and unique structure of heating elements make a long serve life.
3.2. The heating oven body is full closed and the Insulating materials are of high quality material with top performance which can ensure very lower energy consumption.
3.3. Fault diagnosis system for the heating elements.
3.4. We use only two connecting communication between the thermocouples and computer, which will avoid the interruption and make the temperature-measuring more exact.
3.5. The working condition of every thermocouple could be monitored automatically, and the warning will come out if there is any abnormal situation.
3.6. Advanced & specially designed high-temperature convection fans shall be applied in convection system to eliminate electro-magnetic vibration. And there is no need the water cooling system. Also, it is very easy to make the maintenance and repair.
3.7. Adopting PID for temperature control, which has the better anti-interference function and higher temperature-control precision.
3.8. Equal three phase power consumption during automatic heating up period; avoiding phase no-equal during no-heating period automatically.
3.9. The fine-adjustment for oven temperature could be achieved by fine-adjusting the temperature of every heating element.
3.10. During the night, the furnace can stay at sleep mode around 500-550 degrees centigrade and preheating takes place before the start of the shift in the morning so that the furnace is ready for production
3.11. The production process, temperature, time, air pressure, etc could be recorded. Therefore, testing production could be saved and production stability could be improved. Also, the production state in different batches could be tracked.
3.12. The machine has the history record and printing function. When glass come out from the oven, the computer will record the control parameters automatically for reference in future or pint them out.
3.13. Powerful operation prompt facility; if there is any wrong operation or fault, the dialog box will be called out to give you help.  
3.14. Preventive function for the wrong operation. The data which affects the system running has been restricted strictly. The different operator has the different access right to system setting.
3.15. Power monitoring function, the monitoring program could monitor most of the sensors.
3.16. Synchronous and asynchronous running of each section, reciprocating running of heating section and quenching section.

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