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Multifunctional Baking Paint Color Design Pattern and Silk Screen Printing Glass Machine

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Product Details

Multifunctional baking paint /color glaze design pattern transfer and silk screen printing  glass machine
This two-in one machine can process more than 90% art glass in the prevailing 

 It can process true to life baking paint glass, wooden grain effect and marble vein glass, 3D silk screen printing glass, 
 frosting glass by frosting machine , 
 acid deep-etched pattern glass, mirror decorative glass, laminated safety glass with film, wire and cloth intensify glass , true to life baking paint glass , polycrystalline glass and so on.
The features of small investment less land occupied and easy to practice, which makes this machine is suitable for small and medium-sized glass factory.
 Increasing the output greatly by using multi-functional worktable.

The products produced by this machine is widely suitable for the decorative glass market and have many good characteristics, such as strong adaptation in many areas, easy operation, advanced production technology.
It can be used not only for glass production in large companies but also some medium and small factories. 

Machine usage
Finished art glass products produced by this machine can be used for 
1. cabinet doors
2. sliding doors
3. partitions
4. background walls and aisle walls

Main features of the machine
1.All color can be shaped just one time, and the machine is easy to be operated with high efficiency.
2.All kinds of flat and even bent glass can be processed with design on it.
3.Consulting, training and all technology used in this machine can be upgraded for free. 
4.Finished glass products enjoy great solidity, clear gradation and high vividness(color will not change for years).
5.A disc of wide varieties of designs is in supply so as to save troubles for you to search for them.
6.The large power vacuum pump ensures the transparency of the glass and no air bubnles, whitening will occur.

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