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Cup BD polishing wheel

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Product Details

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Product introduction
Suitable model straight edge machine, bilateral machines
[working layer thickness (mm)] 30 mm
[speed (r/min)] 2880 r/min
Product material glue cerium oxide of alumina silicon carbide
[applicable scope] craft glass furniture electrical appliances building curtain wall Aquatic animals that defend bath
[description] BD polishing wheel is made of special polymer materials with very sharp alumina silicon carbide mixed reaction, through high pressure produced by fusion, this kind of material in the production of polishing wheel has a loose organization, good elasticity, good wear resistance, good elasticity and abrasion resistance has the following advantages, to provide space for out of wear debris, reduce stress and reduce the risk of burns, make more easily than surrounding polishing glass, more bright and keep persistent shape, not due to a lack of flat glass machine vibration or operator error caused by the collapse edge, rupture, and due to the use of abrasive particle size is small, so its polishing effect is very good. According to the type of edge grinding machine to choose different size of BD polishing wheel

Guangzhou panyu district of Wall Street yueli metal products factory specialized production each kind of glass grinding wheel, the product mainly includes king kong wheel, resin wheel, polishing wheel, diamond grinding wheel, diamond tools, glass grinding wheels, etc. Products are suitable for all kinds of special machine, straight line machine, bevel edge machine, bilateral machine and so on all sorts of equipment. According to the demand of the market both at home and abroad and change, we have been committed to the development of various products, and can according to customer requirements, customized production of various kinds of products.
Guangzhou panyu district of Wall Street cantonese, metal products factory production grinding wheel advantage: when self-sharpening grinding function is good enough, not easy to jam, high grinding efficiency, less grinding force, grinding temperature is low; Simple control precision, moderate strength, good abrasion resistance, low wear, long life, low grinding cost, accept large load; Conducive to progress the machining accuracy and durability.

Guangzhou panyu district of Wall Street yueli metal products factory with competitive products and advanced skills to ensure that is in the leading position in market competition, the main production and sales of diamond grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, grinding wheel for polishing glass edge grinding wheel, also can undertake non-standard custom. Products for the domestic and foreign customers consistent affirmation and praise, not only occupies leading the domestic market share, products are exported to the country, the United States, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and southeast Asia, by foreign customers, and grow up with the customer, create greater value for customers is our factory in the first place.

Can electricity, can be customized and coupon, can go to the factory on-the-spot investigation.

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