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1mm-6mm double coated ALUMINIUM MIRROR, Aluminum Mirror, CE, IGCC & AS/NZS certificates

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REXI GLASS-China aluminium mirror premium manufacturers and suppliers. We are dedicated to provide advanced mirror solutions to interior decorations etc.


REXI Aluminium Mirror Glass, which is produced through horizontal production line that is the most advanced production equipment for coating aluminum mirror. High quality clear float and modern mirror equipment combine to produce competitively priced mirrors of exceptionally high quality. It is suitable for further processed and edge working. Our colored mirror is produced by vacuum coating a layer of aluminum on the tinted glass, which can supply you a different and nice decorating effect.

Advanced China aluminum mirror glass suppliers can make a variety of colors into the process to add different decorative effects, such as gray, brown, green and blue, to fit to different styles.

REXI high quality mirror is made by high quality clear or tinted float glass. Our high quality coating equipment could produce nice feeling mirrors with high reflection. The mirror surface is clear and bright, giving distinct and life like image.

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China Aluminium Mirror M2.jpg

China Aluminium Mirror M5.jpg

China aluminum mirror glass manufacturers use high-quality glass plates as the original material, followed by pure water cleaning, polishing, high vacuum metal magnetron sputtering deposition of aluminum, oxygen fast reaction, the first pass of corrosion-resistant paint and drying, the second time waterproof plus hard paint and drying and other processing procedures.


It is mainly used for: makeup mirrors, furniture and so on. Aluminum mirror price is lower, that makes it very popular in the current market. But they are susceptible to corrosion and should not be used in environments with high humidity and large temperature differences, such as toilets and swimming pools, and outdoor places. In addition, if they are transported by sea, they must be well-prepared for moisture-proof treatment to avoid the erosion of high-salt moisture mists on the sea.



1) Mirrors are available in either silver or aluminum and suit all atmospheric conditions.

2) The mirror surface is clear and bright, giving distinct and lifelike image.

3) The plating layer is rigid and bond and the protective layer impregnable with good erosion-resistance.



REXI Aluminum Mirror can be used in many applications where high light reflectance and a sense of increased space are important. Such as:

Paneling mirror on walls or doors

Furniture and shelves mirror.

Decorative mirror

Dressing mirror

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China Aluminium Mirror M3.jpg

China aluminium Mirror P8.jpg

China aluminium Mirror P4.jpg


Mirror Types:Silver Mirror, Aluminum Mirror, Copper Free and Lead Free Mirror, Safety Mirror, Solar Mirror, Beveled Mirror etc

Glass Color: Clear, Ultra clear, Bronze, Euro grey, Dark blue, Light blue, Dark green, Light Green, etc.

Back Paint Color:Grey, Blue, Green, White etc

Thickness:2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm and 6mm etc.

Sizes:1524x2134mm, 1830x1220mm, 1830x2440mm and 2134x3300mm, 2250x3300 etc.



Inquiries will be responded within 24 hours by professional sales manager.



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