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Single, double, triple silver Low E Glass, 6+12AR+6 U value 1.37 W/㎡.K, LSG 2.14, CE certified

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Single, double, triple silver Low E Glass, 6+12AR+6 U value 1.37 W/㎡.K, LSG 2.14, CE certified

REXI GLASS - China  Low E Glass premium suppliers,top 3 architectural glass manufacturer.

REXI Low-emissivity Glass, also known as Low-E glass, refers to flat glass coated with one or more coating layers with extremely low surface emissivity. The coating process is usually vacuum magnetron sputtering. It has low thermal conductivity and high light transmittance, ensuring visible light transmittance and reducing light pollution based on prevention of heat losses.



(1)Online Low-E Glass

Online Low-E coated glass is a new-type energy efficient glass features in high reflectivity of far infrared heat radiation. Online Low-E coated glass is produced by pyrolyzing coating material continuously under high temperature through CVD and MOCVD coating technology so as to deposit them on glass substrate moving inside a tin bath and black-out furnace. As the glass is coated online continuously under high temperature without extra heating, cleaning.

This type of Low-E glass is applied at the end of the glass production process. The molten metal or powder is applied to the liquid, non-solidified glass. The metal film is cooled to form a layer of metal film, which is integrated with the glass and has a very durable character.

(2)Single Silver Low-E Glass

The single silver film layer is composed of 5 layers of film, wherein the functional layer is silver in the middle layer, and the first layer film contacting the glass is a metal oxide film, which functions to reduce the reflectance of silver, increase the transmittance and produce a reflective color. The second and fourth layers are the anti-oxidation metal layer on both sides of the silver to protect the silver from the isolation, and the fifth layer is the metal oxide to contact with the air to protect and increase the light transmittance. Due to the interdependence and influence of the five layers of film, any change in the film parameters will affect the color and performance of the final product. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the consistency of each film.

(3) Double Silver Low-E glass

Offline Low-E glass has a good performance and the silver layer plays a key role. In general, the more layers of the silver layer, the better the thermal insulation performance. Based on this principle, the birth of the double-silver Low- E glass is reasonable. From the name, it can be judged that the basis of its research and development is offline Low-E glass, which expands the silver layer of the offline Low- E glass into two layers. It makes it better to form a reflection effect on thermal energy, reflecting excellent thermal insulation performance.

(4) Triple Silver Low-E Glass

The triple silver low-e contains a total of 13 layers or more, including three layers of pure silver, which is much more energy efficient than single silver low-e glass.






As the country attaches importance to energy conservation and environmental protection policies and the improvement of people's awareness of energy conservation, energy-saving and comfortable LOW-E glass will be more and more widely used in construction. Understanding LOW-E glass and using true and suitable LOW-E glass has become an important aspect of China Low-E Glass manufacturers.

Therefore, China low-emissivity glass is a new-generation coated glass that can transmit outdoor solar energy, visible light, and infrared mirrors, like infrared mirrors, to reflect infrared rays and objects.

After decades of construction practice proves that the glass is the most active element in the architectural practice, which is irreplaceable in modern building decoration and the application materials with very wide application range, which also gives the China Low-E Glass suppliers a higher requirement.





REXI Glass comply with CHINA GB / T18915.1-2002; UK BS6206:1981; USA ANSIZ97.1; AUS AS/NIS 2208-1996



Thickness: 4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm and 10mm

Sizes: 1830x2440mm, 2134x3300mm, 2250x3300mm,2440x3300mm,etc. 

Colors: Clear, Blue, Green, Bronze and Grey, etc.

Coating Types: Online Hard Coating and Offline Soft Coating 

Offline Low-E Glass Types: Single silver high transmittance, Single silver high shading, and Double silver, etc.

Delivery Time: In Three weeks after order confirmation.





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