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3mm-12mm Tinted Glass, Green, Blue, Pink, Black, Grey, Bronze colors, CE certified

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3mm-12mm Tinted Glass, Green, Blue, Pink, Black, Grey, Bronze colors, CE certified

REXI GLASS - China Tinted Glass premium suppliers,top ranking glass manufacturer.

REXI Tinted Glass is produced by the float process with the addition of small quantities of metal oxides to color the normal clear glass mix. This coloration is achieved through adding metal oxides at the smelting stage. Addition of color does not affect the basic properties of the glass, even though visible light reflectance will be slightly higher than clear glass.



China Tinted Floated Glass, also called body colored glass, has characteristics of low UV transmittance, good shading effect. Because of its gorgeous color and good decorative effect, it is widely use in interior and exterior decoration of Buildings, mirror, furniture, bathroom and etc.



(1)  Absorbing solar radiant heat

The body tinted float glass can reduce transmission of the sun’s harmful rays by up to 80% thus minimizing fading to interior furnishings

For example, a transparent float glass of 6 mm thickness has a total permeation heat of 84% under sunlight, and the total permeated heat of the colored glass under the same conditions is 60%. The color and thickness of colored glass are different, and the degree of absorption of solar radiant heat is also different.

(2) Absorbing solar visible light

Reduces the intensity of sunlight and acts as an anti-glare.

(3) Having a certain degree of transparency

Can absorb certain ultraviolet rays. China tinted glass could be easily cut, bent, insulated, laminated, lacquered, coated ,tempered or heat strengthened and in addition can be silk-screened.

(4) Decorative

China tinted glass also known as heat absorbing glass, belongs to special glass. Its biggest advantage is that it absorbs heat and cools. It is a very good choice for some buildings in the south that are in high heat environment for a long time. At the same time, because the tinted glass has beautiful color changes, it can also be used for architectural aesthetic appreciation. Bronze glass is suitable for some optical instruments according to its own characteristics. Especially in the private car, it is necessary to install colored glass. With the advancement of modern science and technology, the conversion of thermal energy has gradually occurred in colored glass.






REXI Tinted Glass is intended for universal applications where an attractive appearance or basic solar control properties are required.

China tinted glasses are widely used in places where both lighting and heat insulation are required, reasonable use of sunlight, adjustment of indoor temperature, saving of air-conditioning costs; good decorative effect on the shape of the building. Generally used as doors and windows or glass curtain walls of buildings. Therefore, China tinted glass manufacturers will design and manufacture different patterns of colored glassed according to the customers’ demands, which decides the changes of the tinted glass price in a way.

In additional, metal colloidal particle is an oxide that easily decomposes into a metal state (such as gold, silver, copper and other oxides) added to the raw material by China tinted glass manufacturers. It is first dissolved in an ion state and converted into an atomic state by heat treatment and aggregated to form a colloidal particle. Light scattering causes the absorption of visible light and coloration. With the high quality requirements of consumers, the tinted glass suppliers should provide high quality raw materials according to the market rules.




China CB/T 18701-2002, Europe EN 572 part 2 1995



Colors: Bronze, Dark Bronze, Euro Grey, Blue Grey, French Green, Dark Green,

Ford Blue, Dark Blue, Ocean Blue, Pink, etc.

Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm, etc.

Sizes: 1524*2134mm, 1650*2140mm, 2140*3300mm, 2250*3210mm, 2250*3300mm, 2440*3300mm and 2140*3660mm

Delivery Time: In Three weeks after order confirmation.





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