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15+15+15+15 extra clear SGP Tempered Laminated Glass JUMBO SIZE

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    Processed Glass/Laminated Glass

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    Timber Crates with plastic film or as requested

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Product Details

  • Thickness


  • Mohs rating


  • Density


  • Transmittance


  • Colour

    Grey, Yellow, Red, Bronze, Green, Blue, Black etc.

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  • Shape

    Rectangular, Triangle, Trapezoidal, Parallelogram or other irregular

  • Function

    Glass Decoration for windows and partitions etc.

  • Use

    Bank, staicase, glass bridge, military

  • Surface Handling

    can be anti-slip or silk screen printed

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  • Material

    Float Glass, SGP

  • Size


SGP interlayers:

SentryGlas plus with high penetrability safety  is the latest product of Dupont laminated glass, it makes the invention of laminated glass beyond the existing technical performance.

  • Compared with the PVB films,bigger in strength  , more transparent, it is the best configuration for Ultra-clear glass.

  • SGP is viscoelastic material,it increases security by providing five times the tear strength for intrusion resistance and 100 times the rigidity of conventional laminated glass.

  • SGP satisfies consumers’ requests for break-resistant windows by providing added security , even in accidents. The adhesive interlayer increases occupant safety and reduces the risk of lacerations from flying pieces of broken glass.

  • SGP laminated glass has the same  bending strength with equivalent thickness  glass,it can reduce the thickness of the laminated glass effectively.

  • SGP film can bond metal plates and membrane,which creats a new filed in aesthetic.

  • Lamintaed glass with SGP not only guarntees its security also maintains the lightsome  and transparent in structure.

Laminated glass with SGP

  1. Security in vehicles–SentryGlas? Plus is composed of a tough plastic interlayer composite that is laminated between two layers of tempered glass. The intrusion-resistant side window laminated glass provides four key benefits including security, safety, solar (ultraviolet) protection, sound reduction and dampening. The technology was first introduced on the 2002 BMW 7 Series.

  2. Security in invasion–Compared with polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which can resist intrusion for about 20 seconds, SentryGlas? Plus provides a significant increase in intrusion resistance by resisting more than two minutes of attack with a break-in instrument.

  3. Security in explosion–Due to the upgarde of terrorist action,  a new standard  to avoid accidents damage should enforce. With a 230mm thickness of SGP laminated  glass successes against  the 200kpa(as 30psi) pressure of explosion.

  4. Security in hurricane— The weakest link in glass is the inclusion of fragments and the pressure of wind. However, the laminated glass with SGP makes a good performance in here.

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