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superfine frosting powder for glass bottle

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Brief introduction
Our company  is a high-tech private enterprise mainly engaged in researching, developing ,producing and selling the new type glass frosting powder and automatic frosting line in China.
We specialize in producing glass frosting powder for 23 years. Various of glass frosting powder could satisfy your demand for different kinds of frosted effects, such as stain-like effect frosting powder, anti-reflective frosting powder, oil sand anti-fingerprint frosting powder and so on.
Manage Idea
People-oriented,Develop the enterprise through science and technology,Integrity supreme,Quality frist."
Enterprise Spirit
"Struggle and innovation,first-class and high-efficiency,dedication to work,pioneering to make new progress."

NameSUPERFINE Glass Frosting Powder
MidiumWith sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid as midium in the production.
Feature1.     White Powder
2.     The technology is advance and easy to master the operation
3.     The frosted surface feels smooth and delicate with tiny grains
ApplicabilityGlass bottles made with soda-lime materials,The finished products can be used as package for liquor,fruit wine and apple vinegar,etc..
Usage1.     Add 3kg of cold water into 10kg of glass frost powder,
2.     mix them well in the plastic container,
3.     add industrial sulfuric acid (>90%) to the solution to adjust the PH value to 2.0-1.0 (test with the precision paper 0.5-5.0),
4.     fully mix it again before use
Production ProcessClean glass product???????????????-immerse in the frost liquid(about 1 - 3 minutes) -remove-wash with clean water-wash with liquid cleanser-rinse-dry
StorageThe glass frosting powder should be stored up in the dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture.
Payment terms50%Prepaid,50% before the delivery.
Delivery time3- 10 days after receiving the deposit.
Advantage1.     Economic price
2.     High quality services
3.     Unity cooperation team
TransportLand transportation/ Sea transportation
Service1.     Free technology instruction
2.     Free sample provide
Ability of supply500ton/month
PS:The frosted effects can be adjustable according to the users' requirement.

The Etching Process Notes
1.     The workplace should be kept ventilating.
2.     The frosting solution must be prepared in the plastic or embalmed metal containers.
3.     Wear rubber gloves to avoid skin burning in the production.If  happens,please wash it timely with clean water.
4.     Make sure the surface of the glass product is cleaned up without any impurities.
5.     The amount of acid added should be talored to the different glass materials,and water should be added frist,then the sulphuric acid.
6.     The solution must be fully stirred when it is put into the production,cover when store up.
7.     When the frosting solution used for period of time ,replenish more frosting powder and sulfuric acid in good time to reach the effect you want.
8.     When discharging the waste solution,quicklime should be added for neutralization.




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