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XingFeng Glass (Hongkong) Technology Company is established in early 2014 and registered in Hongkong, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hebei Xingfeng Glass Company. Our main business is sales and international trading of jade glass and various art glasses. Relying on our own production, integrating advantages of Shahe glass resources, we are aiming to make Shahe glass known by the world; and create “Xingfeng Glass“ brand globally. Hebei Xingfeng Glass Company was established in 2004, hea

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  • Blue jade glass

    Blue jade glass

  • Blue lake jade glass

    Blue lake jade glass

  • Tings smoke jade glass

    Tings smoke jade glass

  • Jade glass-coffee

    Jade glass-coffee

  • Jade glass-cocoa brown

    Jade glass-cocoa brown

  • Jade glass-colorful phantom

    Jade glass-colorful phantom

  • Jade glass-bibo liangying

    Jade glass-bibo liangying

  • Jade glass-Dusk grey

    Jade glass-Dusk grey

  • Jade glass-Ivory

    Jade glass-Ivory

  • Jade glass-emerald

    Jade glass-emerald

  • Jade glass

    Jade glass

  • Xingfeng jade glass

    Xingfeng jade glass

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