Foshan Xingye Glass Co.,Ltd., the China Top100 Glass Enterprise in 2016, comes from Foshan Yongsheng Xinxingye Glass Co.,Ltd. founded in 1988. Xingye Glass now covers an area of 40.5acres,including the plant of 20000m2,office building of 2000m2 and dormitory of 5000m2. It is located in No.6, Huanzhen East Road,Guanglong Industrial Park, Chencun Town,Shunde District,Foshan,Guangdong,China(i.e2000 meters next to the bus station Shunlian Machinery City). We are spacialized in all kin

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  • Mrs. Anna Xu
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  • Foshan Xinxingye Building Glass 19mm silkscreen glass to be tempered

  • Foshan Xinxingye Glass 15mm tempered glass silkscreen glass/printing glass

  • 12mm construction glass tempered colored silkscreen glass

  • building glass 10mm silkscreen glass/tempered glass of Southeast Asia

  • 8mm silkscreen glass to be tempered by Foshan Xinxingye Glass

  • Silkscreen glass/6mm printing glass/tempered glass by Foshan Xinxingye Glass

  • High quality 5mm tempered colored silkscreen printing glass with certificate

  • New Reflective Insulated glass low-e glass wall 12mm

  • High temperature resistant glass price 10mm insulated low-e glass

  • 8MM Insulated Tempered Glass For Curtain Wall, Insulated Glass Panels, Insulated Low-E Glass

  • Xinxingye Insulated Glass 6MM Low Radiation Coated Glass (Low-E glass)

  • 5mm low emissivity reflective insulated low-e glass

  • 19mm multiple choice tempered glass sheet,laminated glass price

  • Foshan laminated glass 12mm thick toughened tempered glass for door

  • Tough glass,laminate glass sheet,10mm white tempered glass for floor

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