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Need quotation for 0.4mm glass

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    Sep 30,2016

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    Aug 31,2016

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Detailed Specifications

Hello, can you give us a quotation on 0,4mm glass. What would be the MOQ and price for that qty? Technical Specifications: Type indication: VGA 195x265x0.4 Polishing: Two side polishing. Glass Type: Soda lime float glass, float flow direction controlled. Dimensions: 194.8 ?0.2 mm x 264.8 ?0.2 mm (longer side is the float flow direction). Thickness: 0.40 ?0.05 mm Squareness & Warp: 0.15 mm / 100 mm Max. Edge Seaming: C-shaped (round shape). Corner cut: Orientation corner is cut to 5.0 ?1.0 mm x 2.0 ?1.0 mm. Three other corners are cut to 1.5 x 1.5 ?0.5 mm, according to figure A. Edge chips: Max size = 1.0 mm wide, 2.0 mm long, 0.2 mm deep. No fractures allowed. Defect size: None > 100 μm (max dimension) Defect include stains, particles, scratches, voids, “seeds” etc. Inspection area: Entire surface excluding 10 mm from the edges. Inspection procedure MIL-18380A using 50-60 W indirect fluorescent light source. Packaging: According to Good Manufacturing Practices. Package of 40 substrates should be encapsulated into double plastic bag. Low-vacuum (and dry air or N2 gas) packaging is highly recommended to avoid any moisture based surface contamination (e.g. weathering) during storing. RoHS: RoHS compliant. Sakari Laurikainen Purchasing, Logistics

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