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    Jul 01,2015

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    Jun 01,2015

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Detailed Specifications

As we checked if the glass need the screen print, the glass need to be tempered to keep the patterns firmly.

Pls check  the following feasible specification. And also make a comparison with the non printed one:

1)8+0.76+8+12A+6grey tempered low-e. /sqm CIF Luanda  16*20Gp  4520sqm

  8mm tempered screen printed glass +0.76+8+12A+6grey tempered low-e  CIF Luanda 16*20Gp  4520sqm


3)8 grey tempered +1.52+8mm grey tempered CIF Luanda  30*20Gp 14950sqm

  8 grey tempered screen printed glass +1.52+8mm grey tempered CIF Luanda  30*20Gp 14950sqm

For the second specification for curtain wall we also caculated the tempered price for your refrence


2)8+0.76+8+12A+6+0.76+6.   /sqm CIF Luanda   41*20Gp 10240sqm

8clear tempered +0.76+8clear tempered+12A+6clear tempered glass+0.76+6 clear tempered glass .   /sqm CIF Luanda   41*20Gp 10240sqm


The Glass on position 1 and 3 has to have this patterns below 50%

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