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Glasspex India

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    Glasspex India
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    2011/1/12 to 2011/01/14
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    International Exhibitions
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    Glasspex India

    Time: Jan. 12-14 2011

    Place: Bombay Exhibition Center of India Hall6



    Glasspex India was established in 2009 by Germany Düsseldorf Exhibition Group and its owned branch of India. As the biggest glass exhibition in India, it was supported by India glass manufacturers and Germany Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Union. It is said that, there were more than 20 countries and 139 enterprises attending the exhibition in 2009; and the visitors surpassed 3200.

    Glasspex 2011 will focus on glass processing, handling and application field and show the latest glass products, development orientation and trend.


    Glass sheet and processing glass: flat glass, float glass, tempered glass, hollow glass, laminated glass, anti-fire glass, bullet-proof glass, automobile glass, coated glass, heat-bending glass, furniture glass, appliance glass, safety glass, mirror, Low-e glass;

    Glass Machine: tempering furnace, heat-bending furnace, high-pressure autoclave, annealing furnace, glass kiln, edging machine, cutting machine, cleaning machine, drilling machine, production line of laminated glass, production line of hollow glass, silk screen printing machine, detection equipment, air sand blower, roller press, melting furnace, making mirror equipment;

    Mechanical parts & supplementary means: abrasion wheel, glaze wheel, diamond wheel, resin wheel, BD wheel, glass cutter, lacey piler, drill, hardware, sucker, glass tool, glass mould, water borehole abrasive wheel;

    Chemical materials and Accessories: glass printing oil, glass pigment color, glass adhesive coating, glass oil paint, refining agent, polishing powder, molecular sieve, frosting powder, PVB film, EVA film, decal paper, glass micro-balloon, glass cement, shadow-less glue, sealant, refractory materials;

    Others: Glassware, art glass, project of special glass, consultant, etc.

    Glass processing and manufacturing technology, glass processing, glassware and application (ig. flat glass, hollow glass, solar glass etc.), tools, accessories, equipment and parts, technology of measuring testing, and controlling.

    Add: Building Hall, No. 9, Sanlihe Road, Beijing

    Contact: Miao Liqin

    Mobile: 13811095109

    Fax: 010-58933930

    Email: bjmiaomiao84@hotmail.com





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