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Vitech Glass 2012

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    Vitech Glass 2012
  • Time

    2012/10/17 to 2012/10/20
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    International Exhibitions
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    Exhibition Date: Oct.17-20, 2012

    Exhibition City: Sao Paulo

    Venue: Centro de Exposicoes Imigrantes

    Exhibition Cycle: Every Two Years

    Exhibition Type: International Exhibition


    Event Profile


    Vitech is one such event that will take the glass industry to an all new level. It is in this event where manufactures and distributors of glass and other specialists of glass ware will get to meet global suppliers.

    Vitech is one of the largest platforms where exhibitors from all over the world will get to interact with local entrepreneurs for joint ventures. This event will try to simplify all the challenges pertaining to the glass industry and it is through this event that the glass industry of Sao Paulo will get a huge boost and this event hence will give the industry a completely new dimension.


    Visitors’ Profile


    Vitech will have visitors who are glass importers, distributors, decorators, framers, major retailers, glass buyers and sellers of home furnishing items and other decorative items.


    Exhibitors’ Profile


    Vitech will have exhibitors who are manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors of glass products and items such as glass decorative items, glass home products, glass toys, gift items, all kinds of glass dishwasher items, glass fiber items, giftware pieces and the like.




    1)Glass Manufacturing and Application: construction and decorative glass, industrial glass, windows and doors and hardware accessories, electronic glass, special glass, daily glass, glass fiber, glass cotton and products.


    2)Glass Production Instruments and Equipment: automatic control and various auxiliary system, refractory materials, raw materials and auxiliary materials, etc.


    3)Glass processing equipment, abrasive materials, abrasive tools, glass tools.

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