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Glasstech Asia 2012

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    Glasstech Asia 2012
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    2012/7/18 to 2012/07/20
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    International Exhibitions
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    Glasstech Asia 2012---The 10th International Glass Products, Glass Manufacturing, Processing & Materials Exhibitions


    Exhibition Date: July. 18-20, 2012

    Exhibition City:  Bangkok

    Venue: Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre

    Exhibition Cycle: Every One Year

    Exhibition Type: International Exhibition


    Event Profile

    Being reputed as the 'Glass Hub of Southeast Asia', this unparalleled glass exhibition provides regional industry players a deeper insight to the glass manufacturing, processing, products and materials sectors. It is therefore an excellent platform for industry players across the globe to step foot and tap into the growing market of South-east Asia.


    The tenth presentation, to be staged in Bangkok, Thailand will be held on July.18-20, 2012.


    Last Exhibition

    Glasstech 2011 in Djakarta Indonesia attracted above 200 manufacturers from more than 30 countries. Thousands of audiences from 45 countries visited the exhibition of three days.




    1. Glass Production: auxiliary and operating materials, partial equipment, coating technology, cold junction technology, computer system, furnace auxiliary equipment, transmission, transport, packing and storage technology, glass fiber production machine, glass molding equipment, glass melting technology, glass tube production technology, measuring and test equipment, raw materials, etc.


    2.Glass Processing and Polishing: art glass production equipment, bending equipment, cooling system, decorating tools, drilling tools, edging equipment, processing equipment, equipment control system, insulating glass machinery, melting equipment, mirror production machinery, packaging equipment.


    3.Project contracting, consulting, media publishing, industry services.

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