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The Mir Stekla Exhibition

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    The Mir Stekla Exhibition
  • Time

    2013/6/17 to 2013/06/20
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    International Exhibitions
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    ·         250 exhibitors from 25 countries:Germany, Italy, China, Hungary, etc.

    ·         19 000 sq m of total floor area

    ·         8 600 visitors

    ·         over 180 foreign manufacturers

    ·         more than 14 000 visits96% of whom are industry professionals from Russia, the CIS, Germany, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and the USA

    ·         a wide audience of glass industry professionals

    Unique opportunities offered by Mir Stekla:

    ·         Maintain business reputation

    ·         Increase market share

    ·         Remain customers and find new ones

    ·         Strengthen brand awareness

    ·         Take part in business related activities (seminars, round tables)

    ·         Enter new market

    ·         Know glass market trends

    ·         Launch a product or trade mark

    ·         Analyze the Russian glass market potential

    The Mir Stekla Exhibition unites interests and creates a unique platform for business dialogue of manufacturers, architects, engineers, developers, distributors and designers.

    From June 17 to June 20, 2013 the exhibition opens its doors atExpocentre Fairgrounds for glass industry professionals and everyone inspired by the beauty of glass.


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