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Gulf Glass 2013

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    Gulf Glass 2013
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    2012/9/3 to 2012/09/05
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    International Exhibitions
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    Running alongside Gulf Glass 2013, will be a dedicated section to the region’s solar industry. The rapidly expanding markets for the entire Maghreb region mean that the demand for solar modules, mirrors, heaters and glass is experiencing a huge acceleration in demand.

    By dedicating part of the floor space to the solar industry, under the banner “GulfSol 2013”, we will be able to ensure that the synergies between the glass and solar industry are truly maximised, and therefore create an even better visitor and exhibitor experience. 


    As the only dedicated Middle Eastern solar event, this new section for the Gulf Glass show will once again augment the overall profile of the show, and increase its appeal to not just a regional, but global audience.

    The MENA region is geographically well positioned to exploit significant solar energy and governments from Morocco to the UAE, have declared their intention to undertake large-scale investment and commit to a solar powered future. Each square kilometre of land in the region receives solar energy equivalent to 1.5 million barrels of crude oil every year. According to International Energy Agency (IEA), concentrated solar power (CSP) plants

    in the region could cater to 100 times the combined electricity consumption of the MENA and European regions together. A study on renewable energy potential in the MENA region by the

    German Aerospace Center (DLR) estimates that CSP and PV plants are likely to provide for about half the region’s electrical production by 2050 from a total of 390 GW CSP capacities.

    MENA has excellent physical resources for solar power generation with average daily sunlight exceeding 8.8 hours, low cloud covers, limited rainfall and abundant free land space, offers optimal physical resources for the construction of large-scale solar power plants. The region’s average daily sunshine hours are greater than those of countries such as Germany, France and Spain that are already utilizing solar energy. The GCC, with average daily sunlight of more than nine hours, scores higher than the other MENA countries, and hence has significant potential for solar energy generation. The MENA region also has abundant land area that is ideal for the construction of large-scale solar projects; an average 91% of the land in the region is non-arable.

    The options for glass technology companies looking to supply equipment, knowledge and technical expertise to this emergent sector are considerable, and the Gulf Glass and GulfSol combination is the only focused event guaranteed to put YOU at the forefront.


    United Arab Emirates, UAE




    Dubai World Trade Centre



    Dates of fair

    03.09.2012 - 05.09.2012

    Organizer :


    Gattaca Communications
    International Trade Events


    Communictons House
    26 York Street
    W1U 6PZ London


    United Kingdom


    0044 203 239 67659


    0044 207 183 7196









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