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World Glasstech Vietnam 2013

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    World Glasstech Vietnam 2013
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    2013/12/4 to 2013/12/07
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    International Exhibitions
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    World Glasstech Vietnam 2013    


    Show name: World Glasstech Vietnam 2013    

    Show Date: 04. Dec -07. Dec, 2013.

    Venue: Saigon Exhibition&Convention Center(SECC)

    Add: 799 Nguyen Van Linh St., Tan Hung W., Dist.7, HCMC, Vietnam


    Exhibitor profile

    Glass production

    Flat glass, Automobile glass, Architectural and construction glass , Quartz glass, Medical glass, Domestic glass , Glass fiber , Container glass, Commercial glass, Art glass, glass material Insulated glass,  Electric glass, Innovative glass for solar panels, Special purpose films for glass (touch screen glass), Technologies of transparency protection, self-cleaning glass ,  Energy efficient technologies ,  Fire resistant glass , Radiation shielding glass , Noise absorbing glass,  Mirrors, Glass furniture and other items (shower stalls, sinks, stairs), Laminated safety glassDetectors for safety glass, Solar Glass, Hollow Glass.

    Glass Machinery, Equipment and Technology

    Glass Manufacturing Machines, Glass Processing and Recycling Machinery, Glass Containers Machines , Glass Cutting and Packing Machines ,Glass Washing Machinery, Glass Sand Blasting Machinery, Welding and Polishing Machinery, Insulating Glass Machinery, Hot end handling materials and systems, Laboratory services and analytical equipment, Equipment for Mirror - Making and Silvering ?Equipment for Glass Furniture, Vacuum Coating Equipment, Drying, Decorating and Printing Equipment, Edging, Beveling & Drilling Machines, Forming, Bending, Melting and Tempering Technology , Laminated Glass plants Cold end handling materials and systems, Water jet Machines, Batch plant, Glazing tools, Measurement, Testing, Control and Finishing Technology, Tools, Replacement, Refining & Spare Parts, Glass Ovens and Furnaces, Refractories and Castings, Surface and outline measurement and control, Test equipment for glass production, Transportable test equipmentTest and regulating equipment. Software


    Glass Tools

    Glass cutting tools, Glass grinding and polishing tools, Glass lifting tools, Glassware fittings, Glues and sealers


    Chemicals, Raw Materials, hardware

    Design workshops, research institutes, schools, industry associations Specialized publications, press

    Visitors Profile

    Glass Sector Visitors

    1.  Glass Manufacturers

    2.  Glass Producing and Processing Factories

    3.  Glaziers

    4.  Automotive Factories

    5.  Mechanical Engineering

    6.  Electrics and Electronics Factories

    7.  Importers, Exporters and Distributors

    8.  Agents, Buyers and Dealers

    9.  Representatives of Glass Associations and Organizations

    10. Distributors & Suppliers of Glass Machinery and Parts

    11. Operations, Project, Purchasing and Technical Plant Managers




    Window door & aluminum sector visitors

        Aluminum Manufacturers

        Aluminum producing and processing industry

        Distributors & Suppliers of Aluminum Machinery and Parts

        Operations, Project, Purchasing and Technical Plant Managers

        Window manufactures

        Door manufactures

        Agents, distributors, buyers and dealers

         Window&Facade Builders

        Components Distributors




    e-mail: info@glasstechvietnam.com




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