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International Glass Techinical Equipment Exhibtion 2012

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    International Glass Techinical Equipment Exhibtion 2012
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    2012/12/6 to 2012/12/09
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    International Exhibitions
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    China Glass Network

    In recent years, India has stepped up the construction of infrastructure, industry, promote the growth of demand for building products. In India, the largest architectural glass and automotive glass consumption. India about 80 million square feet of land will be planning for the shopping plaza, taking into account other factors as weather, security, sound insulation, energy-efficient, beautiful, more glass will be used for all types of buildings. Automotive glass also usher in development opportunities, with the reduction of vehicle excise duty, as well as more favorable and convenient car loan policy implementation, will be more rapid development of the automotive industry. According to the data of the "India Glass Expert Guide, in the past two or three years, the average annual growth rate of India's demand for flat glass is maintained at between 12% -15%, from about 3.8% of the year is expected to maintain the long-term point of view, average growth rate; recent years, deep processing of the glass demand annual growth rate of over 30%. Overall, in 2000-2009, the flat glass industry in India grew by 80%, with an average annual growth rate of 10.1%. Float glass into the Indian market is only 10 years old, consumer delighted to discover the advantage of quality float glass, to begin large-scale use in commercial buildings. Float glass market building (70%), cars (15%) and made the mirror (15%). Glass per capita consumption jumped from 0.41 kg in 1999 to 0.76 kg in 2009. In order to help enterprises to go out and explore the international market, and the spirit of service for the industry, the principle of promoting the healthy development of the industry, the China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association and National Building Materials Trade and Exhibition Centre will be combining the strengths of the first Chinese glass technology and equipment held in India exhibition, and the exhibition held at the same glass Industry Forum, to conduct international exchanges and cooperation. The exhibition will cover the production of flat glass, rolled glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, coated glass, glass mosaic, quartz glass, glass beads, glass, hollow brick, glass, machinery and equipment, art glass and other glass, circulation, supporting and application class enterprises, as well as about the research, design schools and other units, all-round, multi-angle display rapid development of China's glass industry, I believe that this exhibition will become the annual event of the Sino-Indian glass industry exchange, to this end, our sincere The invitation to the respective units of the glass industry, and actively participate in the activities. December 2012, so we meet in New Delhi, India, to share in the Indian glass industry gluttonous feast win unlimited business opportunities!


    Approved by: Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China 
    Organizer: China Architectural & Industrial Glass Association 
    National Building Materials Trade and Exhibition Center 
    The ABEC exhibition company in India 
    Sponsor: Bolivia's new Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 
    Supporters: Huijie Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (India) 

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