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2007 China International Glass Technology Exhibition

  • Name

    2007 China International Glass Technology Exhibition
  • Time

    2007/11/21 to 2007/11/24
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    International Exhibitions
  • Venue

  • Detailes

    Expected Scale:

    Display Area: 12,000 m2 (J, K Hall)

    Participating Enterprises: 350

    Exhibition booths: 700

    Professional Buyers: 15,000 (overseas professional buyers: 500)


    1, Glass production and Technology

    2, Glass processing and Polish

    3, Glassworks and its application

    4, Tools, spare parts, support equipment and fittings.

    5, Measurement, testing and control technology

    6, Contracting, consulting, engineering

    7, Research and teaching, industry literature, industry association and organization.

    8, related media



    1, participating exhibitors should send an application form to the contractor by fax or E-mail. Hereby organizer unit should provide a "confirmation of the booth”.

    2, participating exhibitors should remit 25% of the booth fee to the designated account when received "booth confirmation" within seven working days. Otherwise it will not retain the original booth.

    3, Exhibitors should remit the remain booth fee and all other fees to the organizer before 60 days of opening ceremony.

    4, Application deadline for August 31, 2006, subsequent applications will not guarantee published in the Journal of enterprise profiles.


    Service provided:

    1,Free service: organize and invite the professional audience; provide “    Handbook for Exhibitors”; elaborate on the related details of the exhibition; to publish enterprise name, product introduction in “Exhibition Information”; To publish brief introduction of enterprises in “Exhibition Magzine”; related cards and certificates; exhibition cleaning and security.


    2,Helping service item: costs on n the exhibitor own expense): exhibition products transportation, Hotels enjoys preferential services, commissioned booth decoration contractors; hire translators and temporary workers; hiring additional outreaches equipment, electrical appliances;

    Arranging product promotion, technical exchanges and so on.

    Domestic enterprises and the audience please contact:

    China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corp.

    Address: 165B, No15 office building, Liuhua Rd No117, Guangzhou City

    Post code: 510014 


    Phone: 20-26081881

    Fax: 020-86680925-02

    E-mail: project2@fairwindow.com

    Contact: Mr Li Lizhi


    Foreign enterprises please contact:

    Düsseldorf Exhibition (China) Co.,Ltd.

    Tel: 021-50278128

    Fax: 021-50278138


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