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Third China (Qingdao) International Glass Industry Technology Expo

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    Third China (Qingdao) International Glass Industry Technology Expo
  • Time

    2007/10/29 to 2007/10/31
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    International Exhibitions
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    Expo schedule: October 29th –31st, 2007

    1, October 27 to 28, 2007 arrangement for exhibition

    2, October 29 to 31, 2007 businessmen admission for negotiations

    3, October 31, 2007, 1300, removing for exhibition


    Exhibitors Scope:

    A glass deep processing machinery section:

    Washing machine, cutting machine, milling machine, steel and dissection equipment, hollow equipment, sandblasting machine, printing machine, windows and other production equipment.

    B, glass production apparatus, equipment and automatic controlling section:


    1.       Beneficiation, ingredients mixture, Weighing systems and equipment and furnace, feeding machine, lehr, Roasting Color kiln, crucible.

    2.       Combustion technology, combustion devices, Lance, molding machines, automatic presses, sorting machines and packing pressure and mold and blowing machine.

    3.       Computer and Control System software, online automatic monitoring devices and raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, physics, Chemical properties of monitoring instruments and equipment.

    4.       Grinding materials and equipment, tools and glass environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of the facilities.


    C, glass products and the application of galleries:

    1.             Architectural Decorative glass: glass, float glass, glass lattice method, embossed glass, flat glass, safety glass, fire glass, coated glass, color, color glass, glazed glass, mirror glass system of hollow glass, glass tiles (1895-1919), glass mosaic, glass, furniture, glass ware, glass and other household products.

    2.             Glass windows and metal accessories: the material, the combination of different types of windows and doors, metal accessories.

    3.             Industrial Glass: cars, trains, marine glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, instrument glass, the signal glass, glass tube.

    4.             Glassware, tableware, cooking glass, daily utensils, beverages, liquor, medicine, etc. Glass Bottles.

    5.             Special glass : Hot financial glass, quartz glass, optical glass, plexiglass and Radiation glass, glass-ceramic, anti-reflection glass. Foam glass. 6. Glass fibers and glass wool and its products.


    D, raw materials, refractories and supporting materials: mineral raw materials and chemicals; High Performance various refractories; various grinding, polishing, etching, and the activation of Frosted glass surface materials; the metals, precious metals and products, Coloring agents and pigments.

    Exhibitor’s fees:

    1.        This Expo will be using international standards booth of 3MΧ3M specifications, each booth includes: Three panels, one piece of exhibition Guildhall (Assembly uniform name), one chat desk, two negotiating chairs, and a power outlet.

    2.        Each standard booth: RMB6800/ booth for domestic enterprises, USD1800/ booth for foreign enterprises exhibition, corner position of each levy costs for 500 yuan, the designated booth will added with 20% of booth fees.

    3.        Indoor space charges: rented from at least 36 . RMB700/ for domestic enterprises, USD150/   for foreign enterprises(no matching equipment included) Note: Fees of booth special repayment and Special equipment management fees are on the exhibitors’ own expense.

    4.        During the exhibitions, we will organize seminars, promotion, and the project fair for our exhibitors.


    Cost: 4,000 yuan / court, for about one hour; Organizers provide the venue, tables and chairs, audio equipment; and we will bid to help enterprises and organizations audience.

    5,The participating booth will be uniformly arranged by organizing committee in accordance with their registration and fee-paying order.

    We will cancel or mobilize the exhibition right when the enterprises have not pay for the exhibition fee within one week.


    Expo Contact:

    Address: 713 room, No.17 municipal office building, Jiangding Rd, Qingdao

    Telephone: (0532) 83755508 83722208

    Fax:(0532) 83743238 83720109

    E-mail: qdblh@126.com

    Website: www.bochang.com.cn

    Organizing committee representatives: He Wei 13854292718


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