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2007 Guangxi International Glass Industry Technology Expo

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    2007 Guangxi International Glass Industry Technology Expo
  • Time

    2007/8/28 to 2007/08/30
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    International Exhibitions
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    Various glass deep processing equipment: various cutting machines, milling machines, drilling machines, carving equipment, sandblasting machine sanding, pickling and washing machine; Steel, Bends, dissecting, deposition, Hollow, the mirror system, printing, windows and other production equipment and related control equipment; glass surface research, throwing equipment; Diamond, abrasive, knives and other glass processing tools.


    Glass production technology and equipment: mining, mineral processing, raw materials broken pieces batch weighing and mixing equipment; Furnace design, glass melting, both technologies, Feeder, feeding Road, pool, and the Crucible Roasting Color kiln; Combustion Technology, Combustion devices, and other energy-saving technologies and equipment; Molding equipment, pulling, drawing, fibers, tin planters, EDGE, the ranks of machines, presses, Pressure blowing machine, machine pipe-drawing tools, wire drawing machine, mold, annealing kiln system and supporting instrumentation; instrumentation and testing devices;


    Glass: art glass, colored glass and color-printed glass, glass products, industrial glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, glass curtain walls, glass windows, noise and heat insulated glass (hollow, vacuum), the electronic glass and glass technology products, glassware, glass container, glass products, glass plastic, seals, metal accessories.


    Exhibition Details:

        1, standard fees:



    9m ?SPAN style="COLOR: black; mso-bidi-font-weight: bold">

    6m ?SPAN style="COLOR: black; mso-bidi-font-weight: bold">

    10m ?SPAN style="COLOR: black; mso-bidi-font-weight: bold">

    Domestic enterprises

    4,800 yuan(/booth)

    4,200 yuan

    4,800 yuan

    Foreign enterprises

    900 U.S. dollars

    800 U.S. dollars

    900 U.S. dollars



    Indoor Space:  500 yuan/ square meters (domestic enterprises)

    90 U.S. dollars/ square meters (foreign enterprises)

    Outdoor Space:  400 yuan/ square meters (domestic enterprises)

    70 U.S. dollars/ square meters (foreign enterprises)


    2, The exhibitors keep a detailed acknowledgment exhibitors, with official seals after mail or fax to the organizing committee, the organizing committee will prioritize applications and payment arrangements for the booth.

    3, The exhibitors scheduled to be in the booth within 10 working days or pay the full 30% deposit, balance to the August 15, 2007 until paid.



    1,the exhibition is the important part of 2007 Guangxi Machinery Industry Expo, and fully supported by Vietnamese Mechanical Engineering Society and the neighboring provinces of Mechanical Engineering Institute, is a prominent international exposition.


    2, In order to guarantee of the maximum for the effectiveness of exhibition, the exhibition organizing committee to be adopted by more than 100 national media industries, China and Vietnam Machinery Network, the Vietnamese Business Network, Guangxi manufacturing network, Guangxi packaging network, "Guangxi Daily", "wonderful Morning Post" Guangxi TV and other media widely publicized, with the help of the "China-ASEAN Expo" of the east strive to make this exhibition into a "large-scale, high-grade," the industry event.


       3, Before the conference, we are by the way of newspapers, telephone, fax, e-mail and other forms to invite production, processing, distribution, research of glass industry throughout the nation. Urban construction units, utilities, the quality of detection units, and the domestic and foreign chambers of commerce, associations, Society of trade organizations, real estate development companies, real estate agents, mines and factories,

    Companies, construction, engineering design, economic, and architectural design, construction, decoration; Design Institute, the Research Institute, colleges, machinery, the electronics industry, pharmaceutical plants, food processing, glass industry associations, Society and the Chamber of Commerce and other bodies on behalf of the business units visited the exhibition.


    4,After years of professional accumulation, Nanning Nanchun Exhibition Services CO.,LTD has established a large trade buyers database, and comprehensive services to exhibitors and professional audiences, and strive to make the exhibition a high level, deep-seated service, the brand effect Expo to highlight.


    Expo advertisements:

    one who participated in the exhibition of free enterprise in journals made within 300 characters of black and white text on; Other advertising services, the cost is as follows :










    Rainbow door


    exhibition period

    open letters back Covers



    white inside pages



    2000yuan/ exhibition period

    Head page


    Information data



    1000yuan/ exhibition period


    Tickets advertisements: 8,000 yuan 2 10000 size of 11cm x 8.5cm.

    The new product promotion, technical seminars patents per 3,000 2 hours, the organizing committee will provide the venue, lighting, stresses such as appliances, chairs and assisting in the organization of multi-channel audience, talks units a month in advance theme of the seminars will be reported to the organizing committee.

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