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The 7th Exhibition of Windows, Curtain Wall and Glass Industrial Technology

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    The 7th Exhibition of Windows, Curtain Wall and Glass Industrial Technology
  • Time

    2007/9/20 to 2007/09/22
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    International Exhibitions
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    Windows categories: plastic windows and doors, aluminum windows, fiberglass windows, energy-saving windows, Choi plate windows, stainless steel doors, security, security doors, automatic doors, solid wood doors and windows, revolving doors, garage doors, fire doors, sliding doors, Subway, Antique doors, and other composite doors, roof windows, stealth yarn windows, burglar alarms and window sealing material;


    Hardware category: architectural metal, gated door and window hardware, decorative metal, camera device that opened the door for Roll doors motor, lock, lock systems and accessories;


    Profile and processing equipment: new aluminum, stainless steel products, PVC profile and profile. Plastic Extrusion equipment, windows assembly equipment, sheet production line equipment, auxiliary equipment, testing equipment and ancillary components, and supporting instrumentation and construction equipment;


     Wall (Atrium) and machinery: lead (Al) Plate walls point-wall, metal walls unit walls of stone walls curtain wall construction, structural plastic, corrosion resistance of plastic, sealant, foam armrests, sunny plate, Wave Plate and curtain wall dedicated hardware accessories, cleaning conservation products; various walls (Atrium) processing machinery and transport equipment lifting;


    Glass: Architectural Decorative glass curtain wall of glass, bending glass, coated glass, laminated glass, vacuum glass, insulating glass, Low-E glass, a three-dimensional glass, glass production, processing machinery, accessories and technical equipment;


    Sun shading: sheets, curtains and curtain, cloth, bottle shading, blinds, tile, solar panels, aluminum alloy, plastics and other composite materials canopy, such as greenhouses.



    Booth specifications:

    1,the exhibition provided international standards booth of 3M×3M, it provides 2.5m length wall, a guildhall, a negotiating table and two chairs, two searchlights, and 220V, 5A power outlet.

    2,indoor space: renting at least from 36 q m, only provide for relevant space.




    Mainland enterprises

    Joint ventures

    Overseas enterprises

    Standard booth



    1500 US Dollars

    Indoor space



    150  US Dollars

    Meeting Charge: 500 yuan per person, include conference information, lunch, drinks, and souvenirs and so on.

    Special Tip: if you busy with worn and cannot participate, you can publish 500 letters enterprise information and only 800 yuan in charge.


    Technical Lecture: he need for technical seminars to promote new products or enterprises will be invited to the meeting of the organizing committee for schedule.



     1, exhibitors please fill out the "exhibitors contract" and stamped with the official seal on August 20, 2007 by fax or copy mailed after the conference office, and the date on which the application within 10 days of the General Assembly designated banks remitted exhibitors (license within the prescribed time for the payment procedures Booth will be no reservations). Office of the General Assembly received organizations participating exhibitors fee will be sent to units or fax "exhibitors confirmation," according to the sequence of the booth arrangement.


     2, the required impetus electricity, gas or water, Booth special decoration, etc. will be invited to the previous month ahead of the information provided to the conference office, every group in order to help the participating businesses will make the necessary arrangements, specific self-care costs.


    3, exhibits transport, accommodation and other logistic services received, as described before, "Exhibitor Handbook."


    The Organization Office 

    Room 804, Jiangnan Mingzhu, No.27 Jiangnan Street, Nanan District, Chonaqing City.

    Post code: 400060

    Telephone: 86 23-62968507   62968517   62968527

    Fax: 86 23-62968444   62962377   86376726

    http://www.worldfair.org.cn   www.hlchina.com.cn   E-mailhlcq@hlchina.com.cn


    Contact with: Zhang Bing 13452487550



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