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Fifth (China) Guangzhou International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition

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    Fifth (China) Guangzhou International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition
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    2007/8/25 to 2007/08/27
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    International Exhibitions
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    Glass deep-processing machinery: washing machines, cutting machines, milling machines, carving machines, drilling machines, coating machines, pipe-drawing tools machine, Drawing Machine, steel and dissection equipment, hollow glass equipment, sandblasting machine, the system mirror machine, printing machine, windows and other production equipment;


    Glass production equipment, facilities, automatic control and various auxiliary systems:

    1.       Mining, ore dressing and processing of raw materials and ingredients. Mixture, weighing systems and equipment;

    2.       Furnace, feeding machine, lehr, Roasting Color kiln for materials and work Pool Road, Crucible, glass melting, all of the technology;

    3.       Combustion technology, combustion devices, fuel fabrication equipment, fuel and production techniques, Lance, nozzles and other energy-saving equipment;

    4.       Tin bath, molding equipment, automatic presses, sorting machines, Stacker and packing system and mold and pressure blowing machine;

    5.       Computer and automation systems and software, automatic online monitoring devices;

    6.       Raw materials, semi-finished and finished physical and chemical properties of monitoring instruments and equipment;

    7.       Grinding materials and equipment, tools and glass processing tools;

    8.       Environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of the facilities.

    9.       Various processing glass production of automatic detection and control system;

    10.   Factories and workshops automatic management system;

    11.   The various functions of the robot;

    12.   Industrial gases;

    13.   Industrial water purification equipment systems;



    Raw materials, refractories and supporting materials:

    1.       Mineral raw materials and chemicals;

    2.       High Performance of various refractory;

    3.       The polymer resin, film, sealants, adhesives, desiccant, lubricants, coolants and silver cream;

    4.       The metals and precious metals and products;

    5.       Various coatings, colorants and pigments;

    6.       Various grinding, etching, Frosted glass surface and activation of materials;


    Related Glass products:

    1.       Decorative glass: heat-reflective glass, glass curtain walls, made of safety glass, security glass, bulletproof glass, anti-reflection glass, frost-free glass, coated glass, art glass, colored glass and color glass, glazed glass, mirror glass system of hollow glass, glass tiles, glass watts, glass mosaic, glass furniture;

    2.       Glass Industry: transportation equipment glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, instrument glass, the signal glass, glass tube;

    3.       Glassware, Container Glass products;

    4.       Electronic Glass: cathode ray tubes, glass and TV shows glass-LCD and plasma display with ultra-thin glass;

    5.       Source glass: efficient and energy-saving lights, car lights, various lighting;

    6.       Special glass: quartz glass, optical glass, optical glass fiber, through high heat and heat-resistant borosilicate glass, glass Biological and Radiation glass, glass-ceramic, laser glass, foam glass, glass beads;

    7.       Glass windows and metal accessories;


    1,Exhibitor should fill in the “Exhibition Application Form”, signed and covered with official seals, and then fax or mail to the contractor, thus facilitate to put on records for each other.

    2,Exhibitor should remit the exhibition total fees to the organizing committee accounts, we will remain the booked booth when fees have not remitted on time.

    3,After reemitted the exhibition fee, please fax the bank cash remittance to organizing units for verifying. We will invoice together during the exhibition period

    4. Organized committee will post the “Exhibitors’ Handbook” before 15th, August. If you have not received the "Journal" advertising materials we will not published separately.


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