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Glass Pack 2017

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    Glass Pack 2017
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    2017/6/8 to 2017/06/08
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    International Exhibitions
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    Glass Pack 2017

    71 days left

    1st Business Meeting on design and Production Management of Glass Bottles and Containers

    Date: 6/8/2017 - 6/8/2017

    Venue: Pordenone Fiere, Pordenone, Italy

    GLASS PACK 2017 is a new exhibition and conference dedicated to companies engaged in container glass production, as well as to all connected aspects: design, caps and corks, labels, packaging cardboard and wood, bottles/vials/jars in general (also customized), etc. 

    Glass Pack has been created from the awareness of the lack of an event dedicated to this sector, and is a meeting between people who work around the container glass and who uses it for its own products. 

    Website: http://www.glasspack.show/

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