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Fourth China (Shangdong) International Glass Inudstry Technology Exhibition

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    Fourth China (Shangdong) International Glass Inudstry Technology Exhibition
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    2007/9/13 to 2007/09/15
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    International Exhibitions
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    To hold “Fourth China (Shangdong) International Glass Inudstry Technology Exhibition”, it is aiming at displaying the world industrial glass production, new processing technologies, new processes, new equipment and raw materials of glass and glass products, and to accelerate China's glass industry to high-tech, high-grade, multiple types of development. The exhibition will enhance the communication between buyers and sellers, to promote the important exchange activity of industry development. It centered in Jinan city, and then radiate the whole nation, thus will build up enterprise image. We will promote the new technology, new product, enhance cooperation and provide the opportunity to catch a rare highlights machines. It has played a good role in promoting china glass industry development.



    1.       Glass products and Applications


    (1)         Construction and building processing glass products: Float, calendar, Pressed Flower Groove and glass, with the body-white coloring glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, glass curtain walls, made of safety glass, fire glass, Coated Glass;


    (2)         Architectural decorative glass: Color Printing glass, architectural glass-ceramics, glazed glass, mirror glass systems, glass bricks, Vanuatu glass, glass mosaic, glass furniture;


    (3)         Energy-saving glass windows and accessories: various glass and the glass surface modification of the composition of the insulating glass, vacuum glass, Profile windows with various accessories and assembly of energy-saving glass windows;


    (4)         Industrial Glass: transport with safety glass, frost-free glass, anti-reflection glass, the use of solar glass, glass medicine and Instrumentation, signal glass, glass tube;


    (5)         Glassware: tableware, cooking utensils, glasses, daily utensils and Technological containers;


    (6)         Glass Bottles: canned, beverage, liquor, cosmetics Glass Bottle;


    (7)         Electronic Glass: cathode ray tube display glass substrate;


    (8)         Light-sourced glass: efficient and energy-saving lights, car lights, various lighting;


    (9)         Special Glass: quartz glass, laser glass. Electro luminescent and photo chromic glass, electromagnetic shielding glass, optical fiber and glass, special glass-ceramics, heat borosilicate glass, Biological glass, radiation-resistant glass, foam glass, glass beads;


    (10)     Art glass: mosaic, painting engraved, sandblasting, laser engraving, cold stained glass made of Technology; blowing, casting, repression, sintering, Permian burning, thermograph, Bends and other thermal processing technology into the various art glass;


    (11) Glass fibers and glass cotton and its products.


    2.       Glass production technology and equipment, instrumentation and testing devices, Automatic Control and various auxiliary systems

    (1)         Raw materials mining, breaking smash, purification and tailings recovery technology, Batch Weighing and mixing equipment;

    (2)         Furnace design, glass melting and liquid both technologies, crucible for information and Roasting Color Kiln Road, feeding and feeding machines, and other equipment;

    (3)         Combustion (including oxygen and oxygen-rich) technology, spray nozzles and other combustion devices, Other energy-saving technologies and equipment;

    (4)         Molding equipment: Pull, calendar, folders wire, tin planters, EDGE machine, the ranks of machines, presses, Pressure blowing machine, machine pipe-drawing tools, wire drawing machine, mold, annealing kiln system and associated instrumentation;

    (5)         Glass products and the cutting and sorting, transport, shops paper, stacking, loading and storage of cold end equipment;

    (6)         On-line monitoring devices, microprocessors, computer and automation systems and software;

    (7)         Raw materials, semi-finished and finished the physical and chemical properties of detection apparatus and instruments;

    (8)         All the glass processing automatic detection, control systems;

    (9) Byproducts and waste heat recovery, waste gas and waste water purification and other environmental protection facilities;

    (10) Industrial gases;

    (11) Industrial water purification equipment systems;

    (12) Functional robot;

      (13) Factory and workshop automatic management system.


    3.       Glass processing technology and equipment

    (1)         All kinds of glass new processing technologies and new varieties;

      (2) A variety of cutting, polishing, hypotenuse of grinding, drilling, etching, sandblasting and cleaning, and other processing machinery;

    (3)Enhance, Bends, dissection, coating, hollow, mirror system, printing, windows and other production equipment and control systems;

    (4) Glass surface research, throwing equipment;

    (5) Abrasive, knives and other glass processing tools.


    4.       Refractories, raw materials, and active and auxiliary materials (1) glass kiln refractory species and supporting technologies;

    (1)      Mineral and chemical raw materials preparation and purification technologies and products;

    (2)      Various grinding, polishing, etching, Frosted glass surface and activation of materials;

    (3)      The polymer, film, resins, sealants, adhesives, desiccant, lubricants, coolants and silver cream;

    (4)      The metals and precious metals and products;

    (5) Various coatings, Coloring agents and pigments.


    Exhibition booth and advertsing fee




    Joint ventures


    Booth/ period

    5,600 yuan / Booth

    7,800yuan / Booth

    13800yuan / Booth

    2,800 US Dollars / Booth

    Open booth/period

    800 yuan / sq m

    900 yuan / sq m

    1380 yuan / sq m

    280 US Dollars / sq m



    1,Standard Booth 9m2 (3m x 3m) configuration: exhibition venues, three-display panels (2.5m high), the top licensing production, a negotiating table and two chairs, a 220V power outlet, two searchlights.

    2. Developer servicing costs: 600 yuan / person, including meetings with souvenirs, and the duration of lunch, beverages, meeting information, and substituting fixed documents from ticket;

    3. The promotion of products and equipment, technical exchanges, or the information briefing charges: Each 5,000 yuan RMB / 1 hour, organizations providing the venue, lamps, chairs, appliances, such as boiling water, Speakers and assist unit audience.

    4. Journal of publicity: Journal of the General Assembly extensively sent to the competent / guidance / supervision department's leadership, the construction bureau, will be hosted by co-units and support units to the network throughout the relevant user units, and other buyers.


    1,Exhibitors please fill in the “Application Form ”, and stamped with the offcial seal, and then fax and mail to the orgnizing committee. Please remit the exhibition fee to the designated account of organizing committee one-time within 10 days in order to determine the booth. Otherwise, the booth set is not retained.

    2, Booth and advertisement arranged by the organizing committee, in association with the unit priority. For the designated booth, rose another 30% costs.

    3, After remitted the various exhibition fee, please fax or remit the bank order to the organizing committee in case of verification; Invoice Finance Group to the venue opened for reunification or send their request.

    4, The Institute reception, accommodation and transportation exhibits arrangements will be mailed 30 days before the "initiation notice", "manual exhibitors."

    5, It requested to apply one month in advance if needing live demonstration water, power electricity, and compressed air during the exhibition.



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