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2007 China (Chengdu) International Glass Industry Expo

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    2007 China (Chengdu) International Glass Industry Expo
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    2007/11/3 to 2007/11/05
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    International Exhibitions
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    2007 China (Chengdu) International Glass Industry Expo

    Chengdu New International Exhibition Center


    ☞ Largest construction industry exhibition in western region;

    ☞ Most influential and appealing exhibition among the industries;

    ☞ “ First Band” of Western Exhibition that covered the Whole China construction industry;

    ☞ The touring groups comprise of thousands of visitor database.



    China Architectural Energy-saving Tech Association

    China Architectural Project building Association


    Chengdu Dingjian Expo Service Co., Ltd

    Supporting Media:

    China Architectural Building Bidding Network  


    China Chengdu International Glass Industry Expo will launch in Chengdu City from November 3 to November 5 of year 2007. It is the largest and most authoritative international glass industry professional expo in central and western part of China. Many world-class manufacturers and numerous well-known manufacturers gathered here, it is also the showing stage for medium and small enterprises.

    With the focused activities and rich information of the expo, there also hold “2007 China West Region Glass Industry Seminar”, ”Architect Seminar ” and other special seminar, technical seminar and expert consultants. It provided comprehensive, systematic information for the exhibitors and audiences.


    This exhibition will cooperate with “China Building Material Report”,”China Construction Paper” and other western medias. We will carry out the comprehensive publicity and promotion for the exhibition by means of “China Glass Industry Network”, “China Glass Network”, ”China Glass Business Network”.

    The organizing committee will provide you the all-round high quality service!

    2007 China Chengdu International Glass Industry Exhibition is looking forward for your Arrival!

    Display Scope:

         Glass deep-processing equipments: various cutting machines, edge-grinding machines, drilling machines, carving equipments, sandblasting sanding machine, pickling and washing machine; Steel, Bends, dissection, coating, hollow, mirror system, printing, windows and other production equipment and related control equipment; Casting machines on glass surface; Diamond Stone, Abrasives, knives and other glass processing tools.

         Glass production technology and equipments: mining, processing, raw materials breaking smash, batch weighing and mixing equipment; furnace design, glass melting, both technologies, Feeder, Feed Road, pool, and the Crucible Roasting Color kiln; combustion technology, combustion devices, and other energy-saving technologies and equipment; Molding equipment, Pull, calendar, folders wire, tin planters, EDGE, the ranks of machines, presses, pressure blowing machine, machine pipe-drawing tools, wire drawing machine, dies Lehr system and the supporting instrumentation; instrumentation and testing devices;


         Glass categories: Art glass, colored glass, Color Printing glass and glass products, industrial glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, glass curtain walls, glass windows, insulated glazed windows (hollow. Vacuum), the electronic glass and glass technology products, glassware, Container Glass, glass with plastic, seals, metal accessories.


    Glass production apparatus, equipment and automatic control system

         Glass film products.



    Booth fees (District T, District A, District B (yuan):

    District T (600 yuan / square meter (Open Space))

    District A 5500 yuan / 9 square meters

    District B 4,800 yuan / 9 sq m


    1, Standard booth: 9 sq m (3 meters x 3 meters)

    Matching Facilities: three alloy boarding, carpets, two searchlights, two folding chair, a table and a 220 V/500W power socket, English and Chinese Company Name on the boarding (Corner Booth increased 10% of fees).


    Journal / venue advertising and other services: The Journal used for publicizing corporate products and its image, and it considered as the collection for distribution agents, purchasers and professionals.


    Cover 12,000 yuan

    Back cover 10,000 yuan

    Color inner pages 4,000 yuan

    Cover8,000 yuan

    Cover6,000 yuan

    Black and White Inner pages 2,000 yuan

    Vouchers: 4,000 yuan / 10,000

    Invitations: 5,000 yuan / 10,000

    Gift bag: 5,000 yuan / 1000 bags…



    Signing Up:

    A, Exhibitors should submit the Application Form (Contract) and all the exhibition fees within 7 days, post the remittance credence to the Organizing Committee. Distribution Principle: according to the order of sign-up and remittance. In order to guarantee the overall image of the exhibition, the Organizing Committee reserves the right of consultation with the participating units and eventually adjusted booth space.

    B, The sign-up depends on the request payment, otherwise, the organizing committee will not guarantee confirmation booth location. After confirmation, the organizing committee will send "exhibitors notes" to the participating companies, including the relevant information such as exhibits transport, travel and accommodation arrangements.


    Organizing Committee Office: Chengdu Dingjian Expo Service Co., Ltd

    Address: Room 505—506, Modern Mansion, No79 Huaishu Street, Chengdu City, Sicuan Province

    Tel: 028-68311525 

    Fax: 028-68311523 

    Zip Code: 610031
    Contact Person: Tian Ye


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