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2007 3rd China Crystal and Crafts Glass Expo

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    2007 3rd China Crystal and Crafts Glass Expo
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    2007/11/8 to 2007/11/10
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    International Exhibitions
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    2007 3rd China Crystal and Crafts Glass Expo
    2007-11-8   2007-11-10

    China “Crystal Town” Pujiang County (Branch Expo Hall)
    Yiwu Mei Lake Expo Center (Main Expo Hall)

    Hosted by:
    China Daily Glass Association
    Zhejiang Provincial Economy and Trade Committee
    Pujiang County Government

    Undertaken by
    Pujiang County Economy and Trade Bureau
    Zhengjiang China “Commodity Town” Group Co., Ltd
    Zhengjiang Crystal and Crafts Products Association

    Expo Sites:
    Yiwu Mei Lake Expo Center (Main Expo Hall)
    China “Crystal Town” of Pujiang County

    As the world's largest commodity wholesale market, Yiwu is the important trading transfer station for Pujiang County Crystal to exploit domestic and foreign markets. Currently, there are more than 200 Crystal Enterprises set up perennial Trade window in Yiwu International Commodity Town. More and more Pujiang Crystal Crafts with low price and good quality exported to the whole nation even the world through Yiwu Market, which has sprinkled a better painting for our life.

    All the previous Crystal Art Glass Expo Reviewing:
    From year 2001-2002, China Daily Glass Association has successfully launched Two National-grade Crystal Glass Expo in Pujiang County, which has attracted more than 256 manufacturers from 15 provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hebei, Hubei, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong…etc. Many deals and trading groups came from over 10 countries and regions such as United States, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Austria, Australia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, which has bring about many trade opportunities for the crystal industry as well as the dealers from different regions in the world.

    The two expos has signed 11 investment projects with 27 million US dollars total investment, and 25 trade contracts, which has reached 130 million yuan.

    Crystal processing facility     
    Accessories、raw material   
    Glassware      Glass craft    
    Glasses and accessories
    rystal glass handicraft     
    Natural crystal handicraft

    Colored glaze    
    Electronic handicraft    
    Metal handicraft
    Crystal ornament
    Crystal processing facility
    Glass commodities
    Crystal illumination
    Crystal, glass and relative handicraft
    Crystal lamp and lantern                                               
    Fashion jewelry, and other ornaments
    Expo Size:
    The expo has arranged two expo areas, with 440 exhibition booths (221 booths in No.1 Expo Hall, and 219 booths in No.2 Expo Hall).
    Booth Arranging: Nov. 5—7,2007 (8:30--17:00)
    Expo:  Nov. 8—10,2007
    Removing: since 14:00 pm, Nov.10, 2007

    Remittance Account:
    Account Name: China “Commodity Town” Yiwu City Expo Co., Ltd
    Accounting Bank: China Bank, Yiwu Branch
    Accounts No.: 8500 3148 6908 0910 01

    Contact Person: Ms Lang, Mr. Wu
    Tel: 0579-85415333/268/288
    Fax: 0579-85415244


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