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5th India Mumbai International Glass Industry Exhibition

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    5th India Mumbai International Glass Industry Exhibition
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    2007/11/15 to 2007/11/18
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    International Exhibitions
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    Items on Displaying:

    ● Glass Production Tech and Equipments, Instruments and testing devices, automatic control and various auxiliary systems:
    Mining, Milling Run, raw materials Smashing, batch weighing and mixing equipment; Furnace design, glass melting, equaling technologies, feeding Machine, feeding Road, pool, crucible and DECORATED kiln; Combustion technology, combustion devices, and other energy-saving technologies and equipment; Molding equipment, pulling, Calendar folder wire, tin planters, ranking machines, compressor, pressure blowing machines, Tubes Drawn Without Mandrel machines, wire drawing machine, mold, annealing kiln system and associated instrumentation;
    ● Glass deep processing equipment: Various cutting, squaring, drilling, etching, sandblasting, grinding, pickling and cleansing processing machinery; the production equipments such as tempering, thermal-bending, laminated, coating, hollow, mirror, patterning, as well as doors & Windows. Glass Surface Grinding & Casting Equipment; Grinding Tools, knifes and other glass processing tools.

    ● Building and decorative Glass: Low-e Glass, Thermal-reflection, curtain wall glass, safety glass, safety glass, security glass, bulletproof glass, insulation glass (hollow, vacuum), fire glass, Anti-glare glass, anti-frosting glass, colored glass, color glass, glazed glass that system mirrors glass, glass tiles, glass kilowatts, glass mosaic, glass furniture, sanitary ware, glass pots, glass doors and windows;

     ●Industrial glass: cars, trains, marine glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, instrument glass, and glass tube;
     ● Special glass: quartz glass, optical glass, glass optical fiber, high heat and heat thoroughly borosilicate glass, glass biological, radiation protection glass, glass-ceramic, laser glass, foam glass, glass beads;
     ●E-glass: cathode ray tubes, color TV glass and glass display, liquid crystal display and plasma display with ultra-thin glass; Process glass products; -- Source glass; Glassware, Container Glass products
     ●glass with plastic, seals, and other Hardware accessories.

    Previous Expo Review: India International Glass Tech Equipment Expo was established on year 2003, and will be held yearly.

    Previous Expo has covered 12,000 sq m, there are more than 196 exhibitors from over 10 countries such as China, Germany, India, Italia, United States, and the expo gathered more than 25,000 professionals from various regions in India for visiting and purchasing.

    Beijing Zhongying International Commerce Service Co., Lt
    Contact Person : Tian Ying


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