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2007 China (Chongqing) International Glass Industrial Tech Products & Equipments Expo

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    2007 China (Chongqing) International Glass Industrial Tech Products & Equipments Expo
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    2007/12/13 to 2007/12/15
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    International Exhibitions
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    Exhibition Schedule:
    Register and Arranging: Dec.10-12, 2007(8:30—17:00)
    Opening Ceremony: Dec.13 , 2007 (9:30am)
    Displaying: Dec.13--15 , 2007(9:00—16:00)
    Removing: Dec.15, 2007 (16:00)
    Items on Display:
    1, Glass Products Application:
    1) Building and Decorative Glass, Curtain Wall Glass, Low-E Glass, Thermal-reflective Glass, Safety Glass, Theft proof Glass, Bullet-proof Glass, Thermal & Noise Insulation (Hollow, Vacuum), Intelligent Glass, Electrical-controlling & Lightening Glass, Fireproof Glass, coated Glass, building neo-ceramic Glass, color printed glass, tinted Glass, Glazing glass, mirrored Glass, glass brick, glass tiles, glass mosaic, glass furniture, bathroom products, glass basin.
    2) Energy-saving Glass Doors & Windows and Accessories: hollow glasses combined by Various Glasses and surface-transformed glass, Energy-saving Glass Doors & Windows, which made by various profiles, materials and Accessories.
    3) Hardware Tools: Glass knife, drill, compasses knife, glass pliers, T Pushing Cuter, Cutting Wheel, Spraying Machine.
    4) Industrial Glass: Auto, Train, Plane and Ship Glass, Frost Resistant Glass, ant-dazzle glass, solar glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, Medical Glass and instrumental glass, signing glass, organic glass, magnetic glass, and glass pipes.
    5) Electrical and Electrical—lighting Glass: Cathode Displaying, Glass Substrates, energy saving glass, Glass Dynamo, and various lamping decoration.
    6) Special Glass: quartz glass, optical glass, lighting fiberglass, thermal-resistant Borosilicate glass, Biological glass, reflective glass, neo-ceramic glass, laser glass, foam glass, glass beads.
    7) Art Glasses.
    8) Daily glass: Glass furniture, glass container and glassware.

    Glass Deep-processing Machinery and grinding tools and glass production lines:
    1) Various Glass Deep-processing machines such as cutting, edge-grinding, drilling, carving, spraying, acid-cleaning.
    2) Production equipments and related automatic controlling machines such as tempering, heat-bending, laminated, coating, hollow, mirroring, patterning, Doors & Windows.
    3) Grinding and Polishing Machine on Glass Surface.
    4) Grinding Tools, knife, and other glass processing tools.

    Raw Materials, Refractory, and various main and auxiliary materials:
    1) High Level Refractory, Mineral Raw Materials, Chemical raw materials;
    2) The materials of Grinding, polishing, acid-eroding, misting, and activating glass surface.
    3) Glass Functional Films.
    4) Metal, Noble metal products.
    5) Polymer, Resin, Film, Desiccant, Lubricant, shadow less glue, Felt.
    6) Various Coating, Colorant, and painting.

    Organized Committee: Chongqing Jianyu Expo Co., Ltd
    Address: Room 28-3, Commercial Building, Nanping Road West, Nan’an District, Chonqing City.
    Zip Code:400060
    Tel: 023-86376266/86376228
    Fax:023-86376218  86828500-5809
    Contact Person:Liu Wei 13983134299


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