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6th Asia International Glass Products, Glass Production, Processing & Materials Expo

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    6th Asia International Glass Products, Glass Production, Processing & Materials Expo
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    2007/11/15 to 2007/11/17
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    International Exhibitions
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    Exhibition: Non.15—17,2007
    Arranging: Non.13—14,2007
    Removing:  Non.17, 2007, since 16:00.
    Site: IMPACT Arena Conference Expo Center, Bangkok of Thailand.
    Organizer: Singapore Conference and Expo Management Service Co., Ltd (CEMS)

    Singapore Glass Association
    Thailand Contractor Association: Thailand Glass Association (TGDA)
    Supported by: Australia Glass and Glass Installation Association (AGGA)
    Britain Glass and Glass Installation Unites
    National Glass Association of United States
    Malaya Peninsula Glass and Mirror Merchandise Association
    Philippine Glass and Aluminum Chamber of Commerce
    Italia Glass Processing Machinery and Accessories Supply Association
    Japan Flat Glass Manufacture Merchandise Association
    China Organized Group: Guangzhou Boxin Expo Service Co., Ltd.

    Expo Intro:

    Asian Glass Technology Expo  (GLASSTECH ASIA) was held every twp years, which as the most important show of glass industry in the Asia-Pacific region. The expo gathered the up-to-date Glass Products and latest science technology information; it is the best chance for dealers of supply and demand on understanding of advanced technologies, identifying partners as well as exploring the Asia-Pacific market.

    The expo had attracted manufactures of Glass Processing Equipment and Manufacture Tech, whom came form more than 50 countries and regions. It serves as the platform that providesthe more direct industry information for the buyers and sellers.

    From 1996 to 2002, Thailand's demand for glass maintain a 4.2% average growth rate of transactions in 2002 amounted to 4.8 billion pounds.

    GLASSTECH ASIA 2007 will continuously site on Thailand owing to that Thailand is the important member nation of ASEAN as well as the main trade market, is also one of most dynamic markets in Asia-Pacific region.

    From 1996 to 2002, the glass demand in Thailand remains 4.2% of annual growing rate; the exchange amounted to 4.8 billion pounds in year 2002.

    Items on Display:
    Glass Manufacture: production and support materials; The mixing equipment; The surface coating technology; Cold repair technology; Computer system; Kiln auxiliary equipment; Drive, transport, packaging and storage technology; Glass fiber production machinery; Glass forming equipment; The glass melting technology; Glass production machinery; glass detection equipment; raw material

    Glass processing and finishing: glass art production equipment; Qu bending equipment; Cooling system; Decorative tools; Drilling equipment; Chamfered edges and equipment; Handling equipment; Instrument control systems; Glass mechanical insulation; Film equipment; Melting equipment; System Mirror equipment; Packaging equipment; Factories Process equipment; Polishing and finishing equipment; Seal equipment; recycling equipment; straight edge and cutting equipment; Tempering equipment; Cleaning equipment; windows processing machinery

    Industrial Glass, Auto Glass, Building Glass, Explosion-proof Glass, Home glass, glassware
    Contractor Project, Consultant, Media & Publish, Industry Service
    Exhibition Charge:
    Indoor Exhibition Booth: (at least 9m2)
    320 US Dollars / m2 (including: Lintel Plate, Clapboard, Two branches of Lighting Tube, one table, two chairs, one 220V×5A Power socket, Carpet, Wastepaper Basket.)

    Indoor Open Space:  ( at least18 m2)
    Prices: 270US Dollars / m2 (no equipments)

    Registering Fees: 3000 PMB / Exhibitor.

    Delegation Fees: 7,500 yuan / head, including: 1,Return Ticket, fuel tax, airport tax, double room of four-star hotel that shared seven days, three meals a day;2、 Thailand visa; 3、All personals will be pick up between Bangkok  airport and  hotel, 300,000 overseas insurance; 4、Morning and Evening Bus between Hotel and Expo Hall.

    Registering Deadline: 2007-8-30

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