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Glass World Expo 2008

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    Glass World Expo 2008
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    2008/1/8 to 2008/01/09
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    International Exhibitions
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    After having successfully staged '6' consecutive exhibitions on Glass, Services International in association with AIGMF (All India Glass Manufacturers Federation) is back with GLASS WORLD EXPO '08. The One stop show in the Asia-Pacific for the Glass Manufacturing industry worldwide. Our international media partner is Chameleon Business Media, whose team have previously been directly involved in the staging of seventeen international trade events in the glass industry.

    With an expected uniform growth rate in the industry, manufacturers all over the world are looking forward to newer, cost-effective and efficient technologies to compete in the current Global scenario. GLASS WORLD EXPO will provide the industry with the exact platform to seek business solutions and opportunities in the competitive arena.

    The last event scored 80 plus exhibitors and was attended by 1500 quality visitors and had resulted in an unprecedented quantitative sale. No other Exhibition can match the focused outcome we provide the exhibitors with.

    Exhibitor Profile:
    Melting equipment, maintenance and technology
    Combustion equipment
    Refining and Conditioning equipment and technology
    Gas supplier
    Refractory materials and technology
    Decoration equipment and materials, including screen-printing
    Raw Materials
    Batching equipment, including preparation and handling of raw materials
    Recycling technology and equipment
    Forming equipment and technology, including moulds and plungers
    Coating equipment and technology
    Hot End Handling
    Quality Control and Inspection.
    Control and Monitoring, including process control
    Cold End Handling and Packaging
    Heat Treatment, including annealing, tempering and toughening equipment
    Consultancy and services, including analysis, problem-solving and studies
    Processing equipment
    Laminating equipment and technology
    Plant Utilities and services including power and compressed air
    Plant Construction/Turnkey, including design and engineering
    Environmental Protection

    Visitor Profile:
    Visitors to the exhibition will be attracted principally from primary glass manufacturers from the Indian subcontinent and the rest of the world, representing all levels of management that influence the buying decision process. Top executives, technicians, production, research and purchasing personnel from plants manufacturing and processing every conceivable type of glass will be present.

    Visitors to the flat glass segment will be principally from the following:

    Property Developers
    Automobile Manufacturers
    Machinery & parts, Engineers
    Interior Designers
    Automotive components distributors
    Window & facade builders

    Targeting Key personnel:

    Your time and investment at Glass World Expo will be justified. This is ensured by our dedicated team of professionals, who are aggressively targeting the relevant segment of the industry to attract the highest quality leads for your business. This is done through the utilization of a unique and relevant database integrated with online and offline marketing promotions and other marketing tools. Adding to this fact, Glass World Expo has the support of the AIGMF and Glass Worldwide, the industry's leading magazine and preferred journal of www.glassglobal.com

    Decision makers:

    We aim to attract the following job titles:


    Technical/Production Directors

    Factory Managers

    Plant Engineers

    Production/R&D/Test & Inspection personnel

    Education & Training Personnel


    Sales & Marketing Managers

    Window & facade builders



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