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China Glass 2008

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    China Glass 2008
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    2008/4/10 to 2008/04/13
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    International Exhibitions
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    The China Glass is the only international glass exhibition sponsored and supported by all glass industry-related governmental departments and nationwide trade associations of China. The 18th event in Shanghai in May 2007 was the largest one in dimensions, 46,000 square meters of 4 halls, since it was launched in 1986. Among total 707 exhibitors from 24 countries in the world including China, 235 were foreign companies. The admission flow of professional visitors were up to 34,392 from 111 countries, of them, overseas visitors were increased by 46.8% up to 2,729, compared with last event. The soaring data prove up to the hilt that the China Glass has already become the largest event in Asia as well as one of 3 the largest exhibitions in glass industry in the world.

    The majority of exhibitors would be willing to return to the event and more and more new exhibitors join in the event every year. In the May event, 4 countries groups including Italian, American, German and Belgian groups were present at the same time. The pavilions areas of Italian and American groups were increased by nearly 24% and 26% respectively. The many of new exhibitors mainly hailed from Italy, America, Japan and France. The most of famous companies and leading glassmakers in all parts of the world are regularly present for years. It is no doubt that the event is getting much more attractive year by year to manufacturers, distributors, agencies and research institutes involving in the global glass industry. Still, it sees considerable prospect to tap the exhibition potential in its scale.

    The event sets up a solid trade platform and gives the international dialogue opportunity for all glassmaker on updated glass machines and technologies. Additionally, during the 18th event there were 18 accompanying seminars to be held on the glass industrial technology and the future development intention. Main speakers at seminars were from leading companies and enterprises in glassmaking industry all over the world. The China Glass has taken an international prestige for such a successful trade activity and a technology communication in glassmaking. It is a grand get-together for manufacturers and professionals in whole glass field. It is sure its internationalization is being certainly enhanced in two years. On the last day of the 18th event, many exhibitors were so eager to go back to Beijing for the 19th event that we foresaw its success next April.

    China Glass 2008 Attractively Goes with China Economic Growth and Offers More Business Opportunities

    The 19th event will be hold in China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from 10 to 13 April 2008. Total exhibition surface area will unprecedentedly be up to 50,000 square meters with 8 exhibit halls.

    Based on the 11th 5 years National Economic Development Program, China’s GNP keeps about 8% growth till 2010. In the next 5 years, China’s industrialization, urbanized and new style rural construction will give a great chance to not only China glass industry but also the global glass industry. This means the local customer have remarkable ability to purchase goods including house, motorcar, LCD TV set and so on. However, despite there have been 162 float glass lines by now with 454 million weight cases flat glass a year in China, the processed glass in China only account for 25%, as well the 10% of energy saving glass including I.G. and Low-E glass, which are just used in buildings in China. Along with the law of safe construction glass and energy conservation comes into effect, China Government encourage local enterprises to import advanced technology and equipment from abroad. The relative machines for producing the safe and energy saving glass will have much larger market and chance. In this case, China glass industry has to promote its glass quality and increase percent of the processed glass in order to meet its domestic need. Besides itself innovation in glass industry, the above reasons will push China construction glass, automobile glass and electronic glass industries to import state-of-the-art machines and technologies from leading companies in the world. In addition, China Government forces all industrial segments to decrease 20% of the GNP’s energy consumption, and reduce 10% of main pollutant emission. Therefore, China glass industry need efficient technologies and systems, such as full oxy-fuel firing, oxygen enrichment, furnace heat preservation, power generation using furnace residual heat, flue gas desulfurizing technology, etc.

    Thus at the least is clear that the 19th event will indicate the following hot points :

    (1) Improve glass melting efficiency through Oxy fuel firing, Oxygen enrichment firing, electric boosting and bubbling system.

    (2) Energy saving and lower emission through furnace residual heat apply to power generation, flue gas desulfurizing, NOx and pollutant removing.

    (3) Machine and technology for safe windscreen, double-bended back windshield and front head light glass for large autobus and vehicle.

    (4) Machine and technology for large size safe glass sheet for building including airport building, conference center, exhibition center, etc.

    (5) Handling system and transport vehicle for large glass sheet to construction location at site.

    (6) Cullet recycling system and technology for float glass, container glass and fiber glass industries.

    (7) Machine and technologies to produce different function for public building, such as I.G. glass, laminated glass, coated glass, Low-E glass, fire-retardant glass, Solar glass, self-clearing glass, etc.

    (8) Annealing lehr and technology for STN, TFT and PDP glass substrate in 0.3 -0.7mm thickness.

    (9) Pre-processing machine and technology for STN, TFT and PDP substrate glass applied for large size LCD.

    I Various Glass Products and Application

    Architectural and decoration glass; Fenestration and hardware fittings; automobile glass and industrial glass; hollow glassware and glass containers; electric lighting glass and special glass.

    II Instruments, Equipment and Computer Automatic Control Systems for Glass Production

    Batch weighing and mixing systems; Furnace batch charging, melting, homogenizing, combustion, electric boosting, bubbling system and related technology; color/flint glass forehearth with stirrer and annealing lehrs and decorating lehrs etc; various forming and cold-end processing equipment including flat glass cutting machine, quality inspection system on/out line; the I.S. machine for variety bottles and the glassware forming machines including gob feeder, pressing, blowing, burn-off, crack-off, rim toughing and rim polishing machines; quality inspection system and measurement, transportation and automatic control systems for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products; environmental protection and multi-purpose utilization; cullet recycling system for flat and container glass industries.

    III Equipment for Processing Glass

    Various pre-processing machines for flat/bending glass including cutting, grinding, beveling, polishing, drilling, engraving, washing/drying and auxiliary facilities and related tools; safe glass deep processing machines and system including tempering, laminating, decorating, coating, insulating, mirror-making, sand-blasting and processing of doors and windows.

    Ⅳ Special glass and Process Equipment

    TV glass; STN, TFT and PDP ultra thin glass substrate and their precision cutting and beveling machines; low-E coated glass and its online coating machine; Pattern glass and wired glass and rolling machine with a wired feeder; self-cleaning glass, antibacterial glass, fire-retartant glass and related processing machines and technology.

    ⅤRefractories, Raw Materials and Subsidiary Materials

    Various high-grade refractories for flat, container and fiber glasses industries; various grinding, polishing, bounding, sealing, drying and coating materials; screen-printing material, paint, polymer, PVB film; metals and precious metals, etc.

    How to Participate in Exhibition

    Each of exhibitors should fill in “Contract and Application Form for Shell scheme & Raw Space” and submit it to the Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co., Ltd. Then booth(s) will be tentatively allocated according to the exhibitor's request of booth area and the booth sales situation. After the whole contract payment amount is available on our bank account, the booth(s) can be fixed.

    Booth Rental

    Option 1: ell Scheme Booth Rental: US$330 per sqm

    In booth rental, it includes carpeting, company’s name in original and Chinese on fascia board, information counter, chairs, waste basket, lights, socket and electric supply, as well as badge preparation, entrance tickets, registration and the official catalogue entry to exhibition directory.

    Option 2:  Raw Space Rental (minimum area 36 sqm.) : US$290 per sqm

    In raw space rental, it includes badge preparation, entrance tickets, registration and the official catalogue entry to exhibition directory.

    Booths will be built up at exhibitor’s expense.

    Terms of Payment

    Down payment:  the first 50% of the total contracted amount must be remitted within 2 weeks after receiving the signed “Contract and Application Form” with booth/space confirmed and an official invoice.

    Pls. transfer the above payment by T/T to:

    Beneficiary: Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    Bank: the Bai Wan Zhuang Banking Office, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, No.15, San Li He Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100037.

    A/C No.: 0200001409006770125


    Please indicate “China Glass 2008.”

    Balance:  the second 50% of the total contracted amount is required to remit to Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co., Ltd. in the same way mentioned above, no later than Jan. 20, 2008.

    Please remit us all contracted amount including bank processing and transfer fee.

    Services for Exhibitors

    1. Official Catalogue Entry to Exhibition directory

    2. Badge preparation and registration

    3. Entrance tickets preparation and mailing

    4. Consulting for Advertisement

    5. Consulting for Technical Seminars

    6. Consulting for hotel reservation

    6. On-site Security

    7. Regular Cleaning

    For more information please contact:

    Mr. Joe Zhou, Mr. Liu Jie and Mr. Li Yufeng

    Add: Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    No.11, San Li He Road, Beijing, 100831,

    Tel: +86-10- 68348131 / 68348139

    Fax: +86-10-68349359

    E-mail: ceramsoc@163.com


    North American Agent:

    Dame Associates, Inc.

    Mrs. Corinne Dame

    Add: 100 Lincoln Street, Brighton,

    Ma 02135, USA

    Tel: +1-617 783 4777; Fax: +1-617 783 4787

    E-mail: dame@dameassoc.com


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