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The 3rd China International Architectural Expo

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    The 3rd China International Architectural Expo
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    2008/10/28 to 2008/10/31
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    International Exhibitions
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    Dates:Oct. 28~31, 2008
    Venue:China International Exhibition Center, Beijing
    Theme:Innovation Promotes Development,Building Material Enriches Design

    Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China
    Architects Regional Council Asia
    China Building Materials Federation
    Architectural Society of China
    China National Building Materials Exhibition & Trade Center
    China Concrete and Cement Products Association
    China Construction Units Association
    Glassfiber Reinforced Cement Branch of China Building Materials Federation
    Related Branch Associations of Architectural Society of China


    Based in china •Rely on Asia • Facing the World

    The No.1 exhibition integrated architectural design, building materials and building construction in China.

    In recent years, with the rapid and steady economic growth and accelerated urbanization, China’s construction and related markets have always maintained high-speed growth. China has become one of the most dynamic construction markets in the world, which has brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to the construction industry in and abroad.
    The development of construction market is inseparable from the design and materials. To realize the architecture function through good use of materials in architectural designing and the innovation of designing concepts, have become the direction and necessary methods for modern architecture and architectural innovation. Based on the booming of China’s construction market, aimed at serving architectural design and building construction, with the concept of “A Perfect Combination of Architectural Innovation and Materials Innovation”, China International Architectural Expo has been successfully held twice, more than 600 architectural designing institutes, building material and facility companies from nearly 30 countries participated and displayed their latest works, products and technologies. The highlighted accompanying programs, such as “The 12th Asian Congress of Architects”, “Summit of Asian Architects VS Building Materials Entrepreneurs”, “Exhibition of Asian Awarded Architectural Design Works”, “China Summit for Young and Middle-aged Architects on Designing Innovation”, have become the weathervane of architectural design and materials application. The exhibition provided a perfect platform for the communication of architectural designing institutes, building materials and facilities companies and strongly promoted the development of industry chain.
    In October 2008, the 3rd China International Architectural Expo will be held following the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Famous institutes and companies of architectural design and building materials will gather again in Beijing to display their latest concepts and technologies to demonstrate the theme of “Innovation Promotes Development, Building Material Enriches Design”. Besides, various academic activities and interchange programs will be held the same time.
    Here, we sincerely invite the architectural design, building materials and facilities companies to join this grand event to promote the development of architecture and building materials industry of China.

    Exhibits Profile
    Architectural Design
    ● Famous Architectural designing institutes in and abroad
    ● Key architectural designing projects in China
    ● Shanghai World Expo park plan and stadiums design show.
    ● National Designing Summit for Affordable Housing 2008
    ● Relevant servicing units
    Education, training, consultation and project management institutes; architectural design software, exaggerated map-drawing, model-making, animation, engineering drawing, publishing and relevant servicing units, etc.
    Building Materials
    ● Load-bearing structure material
    Steel, concrete, masonry, aluminum, membrane, wood and plastic structure, etc.
    ● Envelop, partition structure and protective material
    Wall material, exterior wall thermal insulation material, roofing material, water-proof material, thermal protection material, fireproofing material, acoustic insulation material, doors & windows, curtain wall, glazing, etc.
    ● Interior & exterior decoration material
    Ceramic tile, mosaic, decorative board, decorative building stone, floor board, carpet, coatings, adhesives, ornamental glass, wallpaper, wall-cloth, suspended ceiling, ornamental door/window, sun shade, canopy, ornamental stair, partition wall, etc.
    ● HAVC and gas equipments
    Heating equipment, cold and heat source equipment, ventilation and smoke control equipment, air-conditioning and air purifying equipment, valves, gauges and pipes, basement ventilation equipment, etc.
    ● Water supply and drainage fixtures and equipments
    Water supply facilities, water drainage facilities, hot water supply facilities, fire equipments, water cooling system, pipes and pipe fittings, valves, gauges, etc.
    ● Sanitary ware and kitchen equipments
    Sanitary ware, basin-board, bathtub, shower room, bathroom furniture, cabinet, hardware accessories, water supply and drainage system, etc.
    ● Construction electricity facilities
    Power systems, power distribution systems, lighting, switches and sockets, lighting and lighting control equipment, electrical signals equipment, security systems, cable television systems, telecommunication network, etc.
    ● Construction subsidiary facilities
    Elevators, escalators, parking facilities, etc.
    Construction Facilities and Technologies:
    ● Construction and installation facilities and equipments
    ● Construction and installation techniques
    ■ Focusing the hotspots problems on the currently development of architecture, the Organizing Committee will organize the special exhibition for Energy-saving Building Solutions, Building Covering Solutions, Building Air-Conditioning Solutions, etc.

    Accompanying Programs
    ● National Designing Summit for Affordable Housing 2008
    The organizing committee will invite government officials, architects, real estate developers and related media to discuss the designing of affordable housing.
    ● Building Solutions Seminars
    Focus on the connections of the key projects, new building material and architectural design, famous building material companies and architects will discuss deeply about the building solutions, such as building coverings, energy-saving, lighting solutions, etc.
    ● Awards for Building Materials’ Innovative Application on China Architecture
    ● Awarding Ceremony
    Awarding Ceremony for “National Designing Competition for Sustainable Housing 2008”, “Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize”, “Young & Middle-aged Architects Awards”, “National Architectural Design Competition for College Students.”
    ● Promotional activities and seminars of latest products, technology and projects
    Companies of building materials, architectural design and relevant servicing units will release their latest products, technology, projects and services during the exhibition. A series of promotional activities, seminars and press release will be organized.

    Concurrent Exhibitions
    ● China International Concrete Products and Technology Exhibition 2008
    ● The 10th China Bath, Kitchen, and Flooring Exhibition
    ● The 2nd Golden Photographic Exhibition & Outstanding Energy-saving Achievements Photographic Exhibition on China’s Building Material Industry

    Participation Procedure
    ● Contact the Organizing Committee for more Information and choose the booth.
    ● Fill in the Application Form and fax back to the organizing committee.
    ● 30% of full booth rental fee is required within seven working days after the Application Form stamped by the Organizing Committee. Due to full payment is August 31, 2008.
    ● Once the full payment is confirmed, exhibitor will receive a letter named “Confirmation of Participation” from the Organizing Committee. Please use this confirmation letter (fax copy acceptable) to register during the move-in period.
    ● Exhibitor's Manual, explaining all kinds of information that exhibitor might need during the exhibition, including official contractor, freight forwarder, travel information, application forms of on-site services, etc., will be sent to all the registered exhibitors in early September, 2008.

    Booth Specification & Fees Criteria

    Package booth
    (3×3m ) Golden & Corner booth
    (3×3m ) Pre-designed Booth
    (3×3m ) Raw booth (space only)
    (Min. is 36 sq. m.)
    2300 USD 2500USD 2800USD 230 USD/sq. m.
    ● Package booth
    Package booth includes as follows: 3-sides of partition boards (corner booth has 2 partition boards), carpeted floor, 1 information counter, 2 chairs, 2 spot-lights, 1 5A/ 220V socket, fascia board with exhibitor’s name.
    ● Raw booth (self construction)
    The exhibitor will be provided with bare floor space only at the position allocated by the organizing committee. All additional charges for carpet, power supply and management expenses, etc. should be at the exhibitor’s own cost. And the exhibitor should use the official contractor permitted by the organizing committee.
    ■ More information about the pre-designed booth and plans, please consult the organizing committee.

    Advertising Option & Fees Criteria

    Ad. option Quantity or specification Fees criteria
    Color page of the Official Catalogue
    Cover 2 25,000 RMB
    Cover 3 20,000 RMB
    Back cover 30,000 RMB
    Inside page 8,000 RMB
    Back of Admission Ticket 20,000 10,000 RMB
    Ad. of Material Bag 2,000 15,000 RMB
    Ad. of Invitation 1,000 5,000 RMB
    Ad. of Ticket Rope 5,000 10,000 RMB
    ■ To know more of other kinds advertising of souvenirs or publications, please consult the Organizing Committee.

    Organizing Committee
    Add: China Building Materials Plaza, A 11#, Sanlihe Rd., Haidian District,
    Beijing 100037, P. R. China
    Website: www.iae-china.com

    China National Building Material Exhibition & Trade Center
    Contact: Mr. Nick Zhao, Ms. Eugenia Li, Ms. Sissi Liu
    Tel: 86-10-88083839/2309/2268
    Fax: 86-10-88082333
    E-mail: nickstar@cbme.cn


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