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The 8th International Urban Construction & Building Estate Fair, Chongqing China

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    The 8th International Urban Construction & Building Estate Fair, Chongqing China
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    2008/9/22 to 2008/09/24
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    International Exhibitions
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    The 8th International Urban Construction & Building Estate FairChongqing China

    Leading Future Architectural Development---International Eco-Architecture Technology Seminar


    Date: Sep.22-24 2008

    Venue: Chongqing International Exhibition Center, China



    Green Building development in China and the restoration after Wenchuan Earthquake have attracted national and abroad attention. China is on the rocketing stage of urbanization and industrialization, and meanwhile geologically locates at the zone that natural disaster frequently occurs. These conditions determined the future mainstream direction of application and promotion of both civil and architectural engineering, would be energy efficiency and new architectural material. Speed up building the resource-saving and environmentally harmonious society, which is vital and urgent to achieve the goal of sustainable development.


    To introduce and absorb international advanced ecological and energy efficient technology, foster healthy social conduct with resource saving awareness, environmental harmony, effective industry guidance and wide public involvement, incubate the market and energy efficiency industry, expedite the promotion and application of new material, new technology and new products, hosted by China Civil Engineering Society, The Chartered Institute of Building, Ministry of Construction Experts Team Committee of Doors& Windows and Curtain Wall Equipment; Chongqing Science &Tenology Committee etc., with support from Chongqing Municipal Construction Committee, China Building Energy Efficiency Association, IGSHPA Chinese Chapter, held by Chongqing Civil Engineering Society, Chongqing Building Energy Efficiency Association, Chongqing Walling Material Industry Association,  the 8th International Urban Construction and Building Estate Fair  and an International Eco-Architecture Technology Seminar called Leading Future Architectural Development, will be held in Chongqing International Exhibition Center on Sep.22-24 2008.


    Enormous restoration market after the Wenchuan Earthquake, State policy of West Development, National Model Zone of Urbanization, Immigrants relocation of Three Gorges, 2008 will be turning point for Chinas the 4th national municipality---Chongqing.


    Great Opportunity, Endless surprises! Grand platform, Fantastic reward!


    Welcome to UCBE&LFAD 2008!



    Sign in and set up: 20 -21 Sept. 2008

    Opening ceremony: 09:30 am, 22 Sept.2008

    Exhibition: 22-24 Sept.2008

    Removal: 02:00 pm, 24 Sept. 2008


    Meantime Activity:

    At the seminar, Speech will be given by professional experts and elites, with years of experiences in civil engineering field, from practical and efficient angle, to discuss and foresee the trend and innovation in construction science and technology field, in China and the world.


    -- Leading Future Architectural Development: International Eco-Architecture Technology Seminar

        By Professor Norbert M. Lechner, Famous American Energy Efficiency Expert

        By Professor Tang G. Lee, Famous Canadian Energy Efficiency Expert

    -- Energy Efficiency Seminar on Door, Window and Panel Wall                         

        By Mr. Long Wenzhi, Expert Team leader from Ministry of National Infrastructure of China

    -- Summit Forum about Living Environment and Real Estate Development

    -- Annual Meeting of Chongqing Building Energy Efficiency Association

    -- Award of National Excellent Enterprises in Energy Efficiency Industry

    -- Promotion and Demonstration of New material, Process, Technology and Products



    --Integrated Zone

       Excellent Civil Engineering Enterprises with National Award and Project Demonstration

       Excellent Energy Efficiency Enterprises with National Award and Project Demonstration

       Green and Ecological Real Estate Demonstration Area

    --Ecological and Energy Efficiency: Construction Technology Exhibits

       Energy Efficiency Technology and Products (Curtain Wall/ Residential Wall & roofing/ Thermal Insulation Material/Coating/Exterior Wall Decoration)

       Heat Pump Energy Storage: Equipment Demonstration Area

       Recycled Energy Utilization and Products

       Efficient Utilization Technology on Water/Electricity/Land and Products

    --Intelligent Construction Equipment Exhibit

       Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning Systerm

       Building Automation and Safety Protection Product

       Building Electricity

       Elevator & Parking Equipment

       Smart Home System

    --Green Building Material and Decoration Exhibit

       New Building Material

       Ceramics, Sanitary and Kitchen Wares

       Flooring material

       Door and Hardware fittings

       Construction Coating

       Chemical Building Material

       Decoration Enterprises and Project Demo

    --Urban Planning, Architecture and Landscape Design Exhibit

       Urban Planning



       Gardening Equipment


    --Construction Machinery & Exhibits on New Technology, Material and Product

       Engineering Machinery, Construction Machinery and Tools

       Bridge, Tunnel and Underground Construction

       Mortar Product and Facility

        High Efficiency Steel Reinforcement and Connection Techniques

       Waterproof Material and Techniques

       Steel Structure

       Structure Reinforcement and Technological Upgrading



    Booth specification:

    1.   International standard booths are provided (3m ×3m, a carpet, 2.5m wall boards, a name plate, a desk, two chairs, two lights, a 220V/ 5A outlet)

    2.   Indoor open space: for lease 36m2 and above. Participating units will take care of facilities, power and booth construction.


    Standard booths: Domestic enterprises   RMB ¥ 6800/one;   Joint Ventures RMB¥ 8800/one ; Overseas enterprises   US$1500/one

    Open space indoors: Domestic enterprises RMB ¥ 680/m2; Overseas enterprises   US$150/m2;

    Open space outdoors: Domestic enterprises RMB ¥ 480/m2; Joint Ventures RMB¥ 580/ m2; Overseas enterprises   US$100/m2;

    Sponsorship: Any sponsor to the exhibition would be welcome. Grand opportunity to highlight your products and your company. Details will be provided for further request.

    Lecture: Specialized lectures will be held. Charge only domestic company at ¥5000/hour; overseas company US$ 1000/hour. Details will be provided for further request

    Call for sub-activity: Any theme and promotion activity would be encouraged and welcome. Please Contact Organizing Committee if interested.

    Exhibition Journal (Spec.: 210*138mm):

    Front cover: ¥ 15000/page                           Back cover: ¥ 10000/page

    White/black inner page: ¥2000/page        Colored inner page: ¥3800/page

    Inside front cover: ¥7000/page                   Inside back Cover ¥6000/page

    Head page: ¥8000/page                              Brief on Catalogue: ¥800/one

    Other available Facilities:

    Balloon scroll: ¥ 3800/one                           Rainbow gate: ¥5000 /one

    Portal Frame  ¥ 6000/one                            Colorful Flag ¥10000/1000 pieces

    Invitation: ¥10000/30000 pieces                 Admission tickets: ¥15000/30000 pieces

    Information Pack:  ¥5000/1000 pieces      Participant Tag: ¥10000/10000 pieces


    -- Please fill in the application form, fax or mail (officially sealed) to the Organizing Committee, and remit the relevant fees to the designated bank account within 5 working days. The committee will arrange the booths according to the arrival dates of the fees. First Come, First Served!

    -- Please notify the organizing office one month before the exhibition opens if extra power will be needed, or special platform will be set up.


    Organizing Committee:

    Secretarial Office

    Add: Rm807, Jiangnan Mingzhu Building, No.27, Jiangnan Ave.,

    Nanan District, Chongqing, China

    P.C: 400060

    Tel: +86 23  62968507  62968517  62968527 

    Fax: +86 23  62968444  86376728



    Marketing Office

    Add: No.23 Huayi Rd, Longxizhen, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, China

    P.C: 401147

    Tel: +86 23 86065998 86862569

    Fax:+86 23 86862570


    Visiting us at www.worldfair.org.cn

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