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GADEP 2009

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    GADEP 2009
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    2009/10/9 to 2009/10/11
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    International Exhibitions
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    The 6th China (Beijing) International Glass Art & Decoration Expo. (GADEP 2009)
    Date: Oct.9-11, 2009
    Venue: China International Exhibition Center

    Welcome to GADEP 2009!
    ---THE LARGEST PLATFORM for purchasing glass artworks in ASIA!!
    ---Splendid fair integrating BUSINEES VALUES & ART CHARMS!!
    ---More chances for dialoguing with hundreds of GLOBAL EXHIBITORS!!

    The domestic market requires more and more delicate glass artworks, along with the fast development of China 's economy and the continuous improvement of people's standard of living during the past 30 years of reform and opening-up. Therefore, the deep-processing industry of glass in China had progressed with marvelous rapidity. In recent years, under the circumstance of rapid integration with the global economy, the Chinese glass artworks which represent the splendid traditional Chinese culture, had got more attention and welcome abroad, which stimulated the export of glass artworks further.

    China International Glass Art & Decoration Expo., which aims to strengthen the cultural exchanges, promotes global trading for enterprises from home & abroad, had been hold for 5 years successfully. Moreover, this show had become one of the best professional exhibitions in the world with the great efforts from organizer and exhibitors. For advancing and enriching the culture of glass artworks, driving the international trade of delicate glass artworks & glass decorations, promoting the health development of domestic industries of glass & decoration, the 6th China (Beijing) International Glass Art & Decoration Exhibition will be hold at China International Exhibition Center from Oct.9-11, 2009. This show will build a professional & efficient platform of business trading & tech. cooperation for exhibitors. Furthermore, the organizer will still invite purchasers, merchants, professional organizations etc. from home and abroad to visit, purchase and communicate, which will create more golden business

    opportunities for glass art & decoration industries.

    GADEXPO--the authoritative, professional and enjoyable exhibition in 2009, welcome you!

    Contact us
    Organizing Committee:
    Address: #218,Huayuelong Plaza, #7 Jingyuan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing
    Post Code: 100043
    Tel: 86-10-68639549
    Fax: 86-10-88680811
    Email: arksales@bjsjjy.com

    Expo. Scope:

    ★ Glass-making techniques:
    Manufacture techniques, art modeling, designs for molding art-glass (Colored Glaze) etc.;

    ★ Glass art:
    Glasses made by cold working techniques like: inlaying, carving, spraying, laser-engraving and colors painting etc.; and art-glasses made by hot working techniques like: mouth-blown, casting, pressing, sintering, duel-firing, hot melting, hot bending etc.;

    ★ Glasses for daily usage:
    Ordinary glass products, furniture, wine sets, tableware, kitchenware, candlesticks, vases etc.;

    ★ Related producing equipments, software development and technology transfer for art-glass etc.;

    ★ Raw materials and auxiliary materials: Materials for rubbing, polishing, aciding, activating the surface of glass; other related polymers, resins, sealants, viscose glues; related metal, noble metal and its products; paints, stains and pigments etc.

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