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Mir Stekla' 2009

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    Mir Stekla' 2009
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    2009/6/8 to 2009/06/11
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    International Exhibitions
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    Mir Stekla’2009– Discover the World of Glass!

    Mir Stekla’2009, the 11th International Exhibition for Glass Products, Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing Technology, run at Expocentre Fairgrounds on June 8-11, 2009. The organizers of this major glass industry event are Expocentre and the Russian Union of Architects.

    Mir Stekla is now the largest trade event for the glass industry in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe. It has become the most efficient platform for business networking and, as Expocentre’s other exhibitions, contributes to the development of the domestic industry and economy.

    Mir Stekla’2008 Anniversary Exhibition enjoyed participation of 396 exhibitors from 24 countries who displayed their products on the floor space of 8 329 sq m net.

    The total visitor attendance at Mir Stekla’2008 made up 9 508, 74% out of them were industry specialists.

    The high international status of the show is recognized by foreign manufacturers (228 companies), actively participating in it, and is confirmed by UFI - the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry and RUEF - the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.

    Unique opportunities offered by Mir Stekla:
    Introduce a new product or trade mark to your target audience;
    Influence customers’ perception of your product via face-to-face communication;
    Enhance brand awareness and strengthen your corporate image in your customers’ mind;
    Examine the glass market potential and set out new directions in business development;
    Make direct sales;
    Improve the distribution system;
    Reach a greater number of the target audience;
    Develop sales leads;
    Research the market, explore needs and expectations of prospective clients.


    The MIR STEKLA Exhibition themes reflect the variety of glass industry products, equipment and services.

    Glass production
    Raw materials for glass manufacturing
    Technologies for glass melting
    Batch charging systems
    Annealing furnaces
    Moulding of flat glass
    Moulding of hollow glassware
    Production of safe glass
    Equipment for production of multilayer automobile glass
    Moulds for glass production
    Removal systems, transporters
    Packing equipment
    Vacuum systems and compressors

    Glass processing equipment and technology
    Cutting of flat glass
    Glass drilling
    Grinding and polishing of glass
    Production of double-glazed windows
    Systems of toughening and hardening of glass
    Technology and equipment for coating
    Technology for finishing of edging and surfaces
    Glass coating and frosting
    Sand blasting
    Technology for cool glass manufacturing
    Equipment for glass enamel, screen and thermal printing
    Glass decoration equipment
    Paints for glass
    Washing machines
    Spare parts for glass processing equipment

    Flat glass
    Hollow glass
    Glass containers
    Automobile glass
    Translucent structures, windows, doors, facades
    Glass blocks
    Special glass
    Glass furniture
    Glass with variable translucency
    Window blocks with electric heating-up
    Energy saving glass

    Tools and auxiliary equipment
    Diamond tools
    Tools for cutting, grinding and drilling of glass
    Glass lifting tools
    Protection devices
    Protective, toned and energy-saving films for glass
    Adhesive technologies
    Special fluids for glass cutting

    Art and decorative glass, stained glass
    Art and decorative glass
    Stained glass
    Glass lamps, chandeliers, glass-shades
    Vases, assorted glassware
    Jewellery glass

    Test and control and regulating equipment and software

    Research and developments in the glass industry

    See further details at http://www.mirstekla-expo.ru/en/

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