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The 3rd China (Chongqing) International Glass Industrial New Technical Products & Equipment Exhi

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    The 3rd China (Chongqing) International Glass Industrial New Technical Products & Equipment Exhi
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    2009/11/19 to 2009/11/21
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    International Exhibitions
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    Jointly sponsored by Chongqing Ceramic Society and Chongqing Glass Industry Association, the “3rd China (Chongqing) International Glass Industrial New Technical Products & Equipment Exhibition” will be held from November 19 to 21, 2009 in Chongqing Exhibition Center.

    The Exhibition has been strongly supported by the relevant government departments and national trade associations. Information about the exhibition has been posted on more than 20 authoritative medias and has been concerned by the majority of glass-related enterprises at home and abroad. At present, more than 30 domestic and foreign famous enterprises have ordered booths.


    The exhibition is mainly to display and promote the latest technologies and products, to capture market opportunities, and to create a more extensive opportunity for cooperation. The exhibition provides a comprehensive platform for glass manufacturers, agents and distributors to show their products, exchange and cooperate with consumers, improve the marketing network, and get into the western market. It plays a positive role in promoting the development of the industry!

    Expo & ADs Fees:
    Enterprose Nature   Domestic Area /International Area Joint venture/Foreign
    RMB 6800/ booth   RMB7800/booth  RMB8800/booth  USD1600/booth
    RMB680/㎡   RMB780/㎡   RMB880/㎡  USD160/㎡
    1. This Expo will be using international standards booth of 3MΧ3M specifications, each booth includes: Three panels, one piece of exhibition Guildhall (Assembly uniform name), one chat desk, two negotiating chairs, two lights and a power outlet.

    2. Exhibitors Conference fee: 500 yuan / person, inculding memento, Expo Lunch, Drink, Meeting Meterial, Certification and round-trip tickets.

    3. 5,000 yuan / court, for one hour; Organizers provide the venue, tables and chairs, audio equipment; and we will bid to help enterprises and organizations audience.

    4. Journal Publicity
    Cover: 12000yuan          
    Back Cover 9000yuan  
    Ordinary color pages:3800yuan     
    2nd/3rd Cover: 6000yuan 
    Head Page: 8000yuan
    Black-and-white insert pages: 2000yuan 
    Rainbow Door: 5000yuan
    Inflatable pillar: 3500yuan
    Tickets Ad: 5000yuan/10000piece

    Chongqing Jianyu International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
    Address: 29-4, Commercial Building, No. 3, Nanping Road (West), Nan'an District, Chongqing, China
    Tel: +86 23 86376266/86376000
    Fax: +86 23 86376218/86376266
    Contact Person: Liu Wei (+86 13983134299)
    E-mail: jianyuzl@163.com

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